Yavapai College Tuition & Fees Set for 2022-23

YC Remains Most Affordable Higher Education Option in Arizona

Tuition and fees at Yavapai College have been set for the 2022-23 academic year.

The Yavapai College District Governing Board (DGB) approved changes to the College’s tuition and fees at its monthly board meeting on Tuesday.

Yavapai College remains one of the most affordable option for higher education in Arizona. Compared to the national community college average, YC’s tuition is:

  • 40% below the average for full-time students
  • 25% below the average for part-time students

Students can save an estimated $19,000 by attending Yavapai College for their freshman and sophomore years rather than going to a four-year AZ university.

YC also offers numerous discounts to its students, including a full-time student discount, dual credit discount, and senior citizen discount. In addition, YC’s Promise program for high school graduates allows students to get their degrees for free.

Yavapai College endeavors to be transparent with its pricing with few program or course fees.

The approved changes in tuition and fees include:

  • In-State tuition
    • Tier 1 (base): +$3 ($98 per credit)
    • Tier 2 (lab): +$3 ($113 per credit)
    • Tier 3 (CTE): +$4 ($126 per credit)
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) tuition
    • Tier 1 (base): +$4 ($147 per credit)
    • Tier 2 (lab): +$5 ($170 per credit)
    • Tier 3 (CTE): +$5 ($188 per credit)
  • General fees
    • Credit by exam reduced to $25 per credit (previously was full tuition price)
  • Discounts
    • Senior Citizen Discount for credit classes now 50% (was 25%)
  • Course Fees
    • Aviation Courses +3%
  • Auxiliaries
    • Meal Plan +3%
    • Family Enrichment Center +3%

Enrollment for the spring semester is now open, and classes are filling fast. For more information about Yavapai College, registering for classes, or discounts and scholarship resources, visit www.yc.edu/register or call (928) 717-7777.

Yavapai College operates six campuses and centers throughout Yavapai County and offers over 100 degrees and certificates, student and community services, and cultural events and activities.

For more information on the Yavapai College District Governing Board, visit www.yc.edu/dgb.


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