Opinion: Fraud and Force

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” – George Orwell

George Orwell was the 20th Century writer who did more than any other author, through his writings, to expose the methods, hypocrisies, and crushing suppressing power of tyrannical governments. Whether in Animal Farm, which showed how a small group fraudulently gains power over others, or in 1984, which demonstrates what totalitarian governments do when they are in power: how they suppress individualism, individual rights and de-humanize their people.

What frauds are being perpetrated on the American people now? If the Democrats say that requiring a photo ID to vote, is voter suppression, that is a sham. If requiring identification is suppression, then underage teenagers are “suppressed” from unlawfully purchasing alcoholic beverages. Terrorists who want to blow up public transportation are “suppressed” from committing mass murder on planes and trains. The logic of this argument is irrefutable. Requiring identification to vote, doesn’t suppress the voting of the poor, the elderly or the disabled, but it does suppress ILLEGAL voting.

For forty years or more, progressives, country club Republicans, Democrats, leaders of large corporations and “citizens of the world” have encouraged illegal immigration. They commit fraud by saying that those who want to stop illegal immigration are racist or not compassionate. The truth is that the leftists and Democrats want those illegals as new voters. That is a lot easier to do if no one has to show an ID to vote. The country clubbers and corporate leaders want the illegals for cheap labor. The one world people don’t think there should be any borders, but the US is the only country that is under assault by hoards of immigrants breaking our laws to get here. And they all want to thank Joe Biden.

The scams committed during, and because of, the COVID-19 pandemic and panic are numerous and blatant. In the beginning, Dr. Fauci said that there was no need to wear masks. Then he said we should wear two masks. At first our leaders, primarily Democrat politicians, pooh-poohed social distancing, telling their constituents to enjoy communal activities like the Chinese New Year. Then the panic set in and they were demanding no more than five or six people in homes during the holidays.

Now they are starting to apply force. After a year and a half of fear induced masking, social distancing and restriction on community events, a significant portion of the population is starting to resist these government and corporate mandates. Let’s be clear. Mandates are an exercise in using force. If one is ordered to get the vaccine or lose his or her job, that is force. And there are very legitimate reasons not to get vaccinated. If a person has had COVID, he has a lot more antibodies against the virus than those who have been vaccinated. Some religious persons believe that vaccinations violate their religious tenets. Requiring someone to violate their religious beliefs is force and tramples Freedom of Religion.

If parents are threatened with arrest and investigation for domestic terrorism by the FBI, if they protest their children’s schools’ teaching Critical Race Theory and Drag Queen Story Hour at the school board meetings, that is a threat of force. If they are arrested for expressing their God given, First Amendment right to protest, that is the use of force.

With crowds at NASCAR races and college football games yelling “F**k Biden”, with people willing to lose their jobs rather than be forced to get the jab, with parents continuing to crowd into and protest school boards anti-American teaching decisions, will our government and corporate leader prove themselves to be totalitarians by using more and more force against those who show their displeasure with such asinine policies?

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2 thoughts on “Opinion: Fraud and Force”

  1. George Hotchkiss

    Mr. Williams, You wrote “They commit fraud by saying that those who want to stop illegal immigration are racist or not compassionate”, do you even know what fraud is?

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