October 20, 2021


Have We Become a Nation of Bullies?

Online and offline, angry, aggressive, bullying behavior has become normalized, and it’s tearing our nation apart. Elaine Parke says it’s time we got back to behaving with kindness, respect, and dignity—and her unity movement must start with you and me. We’ve traditionally thought of bullies as scowling kids who steal classmates’ lunch money or trip them on the playground.

Health Care educators

Diagnosing Our Future: Yavapai College Health Summit envisions the next generation of care in Yavapai County

Growing rural communities versus overwhelmed rural Health Care systems. The expansion of medical education versus the escalating needs of an aging population. The vast potential of new technologies, new personnel and delivery innovations set against the constraints of logistics, bureaucracy and time. These were the issues studied by community, medical and education leaders last Friday,


Governor Ducey Statement On OSHA Overreach

Governor Doug Ducey today released a statement in response to the Biden administration’s threat to revoke the Industrial Commission of Arizona’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration authority. “The federal government’s threat to strip the ICA of its OSHA authority is nothing short of a political stunt and desperate power grab,” said Governor Ducey. “The ICA


Opinion: The Things We Tell Ourselves

Self-talk is a big thing. Whether we say something out loud or in our head, most of us talk to ourselves.  It can be as simple as, “Don’t forget to take out the trash,” or as  motivational as, “I’ve got this.” It seems that our pandemic world has taken self-talk to a new level. Maybe


Arizona farms turn to petting zoos, corn mazes, concerts and festivals to survive

From petting zoos and hayrides to corn mazes and concerts, some farms in Arizona are opening their gates to the public with farm-based entertainment to diversify revenue and stay in business. Across the U.S., over 50,000 farms report at least a portion of their income comes from what’s known as “agritainment,” according to Penn State

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