Let’s Go, BRANDON!

The Department of Homeland Security announced this week that it intends to cancel the remaining border wall contracts along the southern border. With stacks and stacks of border partitions and miles and miles of fiber optic wiring piled up along the border, the Biden administration is paying contractors $5 million a day to NOT build the border wall.

Meanwhile, 400,000 illegal aliens are expected to cross the southern border this month. This would be an unprecedented record and double the record set last month. We are on pace to have over TWO MILLION illegal immigrants apprehended while crossing the southern border in 2021. Another 400,000 are “gotaways.” Gotaways is a term used by Border Patrol agents to describe the number of illegals that cross the border and are not apprehended. The number of “gotaways” is likely much higher.

But that’s not all.  Joe Biden is smearing our Border Patrol officials and it is disgusting.  First, the Border Patrol was thrown under the bus recently by Mr. Biden falsely claiming they were whipping illegal Haitians in Del Rio, Texas. Now they are being told they are going to be fired if they don’t get vaccinated by November 1st.  It’s horrific that Border Patrol agents, who have spent their careers protecting the border are being treated worse than the illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants crossing the border are not required to be vaccinated. They get an airline or bus ticket to go into the interior of our country, many with COVID, while our border agents get pink slips!

The Biden administration has opened our borders to criminals, drug traffickers and the entire third world. Only a president and a party that hates this country would take such illegal and immoral actions. It is estimated that as many as 35% of Border Patrol agents may be terminated because of Mr. Biden’s vaccine mandate. This risks reducing an already depleted Border Patrol workforce.

Joe Biden is an unmitigated embarrassment. He has never, not one single time, been to the border EVER. He is a failed President. I’ve called for his impeachment.


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