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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I thought it only appropriate to focus on how hypnosis can assist in a breast cancer client’s healing process. In my last article we focused on how we dehypnotize someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, helping them to focus on healing instead of all of the fearful or negative outcomes publicized and talked about. We then looked at some of the ways we can help prepare them for surgery and chemo or radiation treatments.

This week we will focus on the actual healing process. We continue to pay attention to how people are thinking about their disease and their healing process. Remember, the subconscious mind is our database. Anything we have ever learned or experienced is stored in our subconscious mind. That means anything we’ve heard, or if we witnessed someone in our family or a friend who has experienced breast cancer, their experience can influence us and make it easy to assume our experience will be the same or similar. In actuality, we have more power than we think about our healing.

Power begins with making a conscious decision or choice about how to emotionally approach the healing process and treatments. Many people feel hopeless, believing they have no choice in the matter. This is where hypnosis and an understanding of how to communicate with the subconscious mind effectively can help. Once someone begins to understand the communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and is given positive suggestion about feeling confident and positive toward their outcome they become actively involved in the healing process. Now instead of reacting to what’s happening they are working with their mind, body and their healing team of professionals to create a successful outcome. Think of it this way, the subconscious mind is waiting to help you, all it needs is your direction on how to proceed or it will act toward what it already knows. All this depends on the choice of the individual.

You might wonder what kind of suggestions we might give someone wanting to heal from breast cancer. In general we find it very helpful to tap into a person’s spiritual practice. Faith serves us very well in healing our bodies. We use this in guiding a person into relaxation as they connect to a spiritual partner. Perhaps God, Jesus, an angel, or saint (whatever is appropriate to them) to be with them on this important journey of healing.

We encourage them to create good health by recalling the memory of good health. They can recall or invent a time when they felt comfortable and healthy using descriptive suggestions that pertain to the client’s healthy memories. We help them to see the body working and responding in a healthy way. We engage their senses like sight, sounds, perhaps aromas encouraging them to be there while experiencing the feeling of good health. We ask them to intensify those feelings and give them an anchor such as pressing their thumb and index finger together or making a fist. Usually we add a color and word to that anchor. They can recall this at any time simply by using their anchor. We anchor it into their subconscious mind, their conscious mind, their physical body, and their spiritual body, even into their cellular memory to recall at any time. Anytime they recall this they are sending these messages to the rest of the body. We ask the subconscious mind to superimpose this experience of good health to the body using it as a blueprint to create, remember, and restore the body to good health.

When we work with breast cancer or any other cancer we are supporting our client in there decision to heal their body and their lives. These are just a few of our tools to help heal.

Until next time have a beautiful day.

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