How to Make Your Move to Northern Arizona Easier

If you are planning to move, northern Arizona is a really good choice. If you love to indulge in many outdoor activities and do not mind hot temperatures, Arizona is the perfect place to live.

Moving may pose several challenges, however. You may need to find an efficient moving company, get yourself car shipping quotes online, and also understand the pros and cons of the new place you want to settle into.

What to Know Before Moving to Northern Arizona

Many people flock to the state due to its beautiful mountains and the abundance of sunshine, but what else is there about this state?

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Northern Arizona is very reasonable. Anyone looking to save some money, such as a fresh graduate who wants to start living independently, can consider living in Northern Arizona.

Job Opportunities

Northern Arizona’s residents are driven by a strong sense of innovation and development. It is one of the most business-friendly places in the country, which has encouraged many companies to set up there. It is a great place to start new ventures since companies like Google and Apple have launched projects in the Grand Canyon state.

Hot Weather

Northern Arizona has more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Spring comes as early as January because its winters are shorter and milder. And if you are someone who enjoys snow or would prefer somewhere a bit cooler, you will be pleased to know that some cities in Northern Arizona have a much diverse and cooler climate, like Flagstaff.

Rattlesnakes and Scorpions

Beware that when you conduct your outdoor activities or explore the natural beauty of the state, you might encounter rattlesnakes, dangerous reptiles, and insects like killer bees and scorpions

Entertainment, Food, and Fun

The northern Arizona entertainment scene is as vibrant as its work scene is. There are fun events like operas, open-air festivals, and a variety of museums. The clubbing scene is also at the top of the charts, so you can let your hair down once in a while.

There’s a variety of options for food as well, from Thai to Mexican cuisines, among many others. You can open yourself to new experiences such as cooking with cactuses, which is big in Northern Arizona.

Prepare Well in Advance

So, if you’ve decided that northern Arizona is the place for you, do not wait until the last minute to start prepping for your move. Give yourself ample time to pull everything together. Take your time to research everything about your new community. Decide on a housing option that suits your preferences and budget.

Shop for licensed movers by comparing at least three to five specialists. Request moving quotes to plan your finances accordingly. After receiving your quotes and deciding on a company of your choice, book at least two months ahead of time.


Before you pack, take inventory of the things in your household. Free up space by decluttering and giving away things you will not need to move with. This will save you space and money.

What to Do a Month Before Moving

If you are a renter, notify your landlord that you are moving so you do not break your rental agreement. This will save you from paying extra unplanned charges. Ensure you cancel your subscriptions and utilities as well.

Then, get your packing supplies such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and get to work. Work through your home room by room. Ensure the heavy stuff is at the bottom of the cardboard boxes and that you don’t make any box too heavy to lift.

Moving can consume you so much that you can forget to notify the people that matter. Tell your family, friends, and even your co-workers about your move. Some of them can even help you with the process, making it much easier.

Do Not Forget About Car Shipping

Many people think of every other aspect of the move but forget about car shipping. Driving yourself to Northern Arizona is a good idea, only if you live nearby. Getting a reputable shipping company to deal with all your car shipping needs will give you an easy time. After gathering a few free car shipping quotes online, do your research and read reviews to avoid companies that offer poor services or hidden charges.

Moving Day

When the day finally arrives, double-check things like your travel itinerary. Once your house is empty, walk through the whole house to make sure you have packed everything for the move. Make an adventure out of your move to northern Arizona, and you’ll enjoy every part of the transition

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1 thought on “How to Make Your Move to Northern Arizona Easier”

  1. On what sources did you base Northern Arizona’s cost of living? I have lived in Prescott, Arizona, at the same location, and watched my rent increase by 50% over that seven-year timeframe (no air conditioning and no onsite laundry room). Compare my recent 8.8% rent increase to my 1% wage increase in the last few months. If my rent increases continue to outpace my wage increases, then I will be forced to move further away from my job, if I’m lucky enough to find a decent place to rent within a reasonable distance.

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