No More Automatic Citizenship

Besides Canada, the United States is the only other industrialized country that grants automatic citizenship to all children born in this country.  That means children born to illegal immigrant parents in the United States are guaranteed U.S. Citizenship. This includes tourists passing through America.  A pregnant tourist that gives birth here is giving birth to a “citizen.”  Again, no other country has such a nonsensical law.  Trust me.  You can’t visit France and give birth to a new French citizen.  Our policy on this is silly and harmful. Automatic citizenship has long served as incentive for illegal immigration.  With an estimated two million illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border this year, including pregnant mothers, it is well past time that we end the misguided policy of birthright citizenship.

In response, I have cosponsored H.R. 140, the Birthright Citizenship Act. If passed, this legislation would amend the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act to prevent children born to illegal-alien parents in the United States from automatically receiving U.S. citizenship.

The Birthright Citizenship Act would restrict the granting of automatic citizenship to newborns who have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. The legislation would also allow the granting of automatic citizenship to newborns who have at least one parent who is an alien serving the armed forces.

Click here to view the resolution.

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1 thought on “No More Automatic Citizenship”

  1. Thank you this is wonderful should’ve been done along time ago. I hope it passes in Congress.

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