Opinion: Diversity Racism

It has got to end. You can’t stop racism by using racism. Every single policy, from affirmative action in school admittance, to employment hiring and promotion, to slavery reparations, that uses race as a component in the decision making process, needs to end. All of those programs, are, by definition, racist.

So-called progressives come up with specious, bumper sticker slogans that help to brainwash the less observant in our population. “Diversity is our strength.” It sure sounds good, but it is not the truth. Diversity, at the expense of competency, is not only counterproductive, it is racist or sexist or any of the other “ists” one could apply. Competency should be the only test for any school or job entry or promotion.

In prior days when race or sex were used to discriminate against candidates for jobs, schools or other positions, less capable people were put into spots for which they may not have been qualified. This, quite naturally, caused resentment in the minority man or woman who should have been placed into that spot. There is no way of telling how production, grades and profits were lost by these prejudiced actions, but we can assume that it was significant.

In today’s America, we do the opposite. I have no idea what the “woke” reasoning is. Perhaps it is their view of “payback” for past discrimination. Maybe they really do believe, against all logic, that diversity is much more of a strength than ability. Whatever their thinking, any program, policy, promotional, or hiring criteria that includes race or gender as a qualifier over competency, is counterproductive, causes resentment and is racist and/or sexist by its very nature.

That major businesses and corporations have bought into this idiocy, is another reason, (along with the Biden Administration’s money printing and spending policies), for inflation and the growing costs to consumers. What percentage, of all of our many industries profits, now go into the Human Resources (HR) divisions. One would venture to guess that a portion of the money that used to go for research and development, now goes to HR.

How many hours are now spent in reaching the goal of diversity, or worse yet, equity? Classes given for “sensitivity” training, recognizing racism, sexism, transphobia, “dog whistles”, microaggressions, white privilege and any other woke fad, take away time from doing one’s job. And these classes are all for show. They don’t increase job production or safety. All they do is provide some minor legal cover for the company and jobs for hucksters who earn a parasitic living promoting victimhood.

To correct the insanity that affirmative action and similar programs have created, we need to take race and gender out of the equation. A possible solution is to have race and gender boxes removed from all applications for schools, jobs and promotions. Applicants could be assigned a number. Oral interviews could take place behind opaque screens. Surely, other ideas could be found so that the ability of the applicants would be the only criteria to find the best person for the job, school or promotion. Regardless, the current asininity has to stop.

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Diversity Racism”

  1. George Hotchkiss

    Mr. Williams writes “you can’t stop racism by using racism”, he also writes “all of these programs are by definition racist”. The Definition of racism, as written in the Merriam Webster dictionary, is:
    1: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. None of the “programs” Mr. Williams listed are set up to promote minority members as superior, none. Racism is simply thinking other races are inferior, and when a race is dominant in a culture those feelings can and do hold minority candidates back. BUT, I do not think affirmative action is a good idea and I have never supported it. I just wanted to clarify that conservatives or anybody else calling blacks racist just don’t understand the term.

    1. George, I don’t think you understand that blacks can be just as racist as anyone else. You should to to Asian, Hispanic or white victims of groups of black teenagers who have been robbed or beaten just because of their race.

  2. Once again, Buz is spot on. His ideas are good but his suggestion to remove from consideration race, gender, LGBTQXYZ and whatever other criteria that the left uses will never happen, at least as long as the current democrat party exits in America. That is because the primary strategy of the democrat party is to divide Americans along racial and other lines so that they can claim to be the unifiers in their self-serving attempts to seize political power. The democrat party falsely claims that they will unify the country when, in fact, they want to tear it apart in their nefarious scheme to implement authoritarian control.

    As long as there are useful idiots who succumb to the democrat party’s distorted propaganda the democrats will continue to use the politics of division to achieve their goal of dominance.

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