Yavapai College Police Department going all in on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Photo: Yavapai College Police Chief Tyran Payne, Officer Megyn Felton and Victim Advocate Shelby Thomasson share some of the tools of their domestic violence awareness campaign, including purple badges and arm bands.

Across the country and at the Yavapai College Police Department, the color purple is prominent in lighting, décor and uniforms, but not because of Halloween.

Rather, the color purple is a beacon calling attention to Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

At the YCPD, the purple uniform emblems and badges, posters and string lights also serve as a reminder of some of the staggering statistics around domestic violence, including that every nine seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten. Every 44 minutes, an Arizona child witnesses domestic violence.

The messages scrawled boldly in purple across walls and windows at the PD beg for an end to the scourge affecting millions of men, women and children.

“The YCPD wants to help raise the alarm about how big, ugly and reversible the problem is,” Chief Tyran Payne said, explaining his department’s commitment to raising awareness and connecting victims to safe havens and life-changing services. “We’re going all-in on Domestic Violence Awareness Month because it’s a problem that touches us all and deserves our time, attention and resources.”

One of the themes of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is “breaking the silence.” In that vein, Payne urged domestic violence victims, their friends and loved ones to contact their local law enforcement agency. “The abuse can end today,” Payne said.

Along with generous amounts of attention-getting purple lighting, messaging and uniform adornments, the YCPD plans to participate in multiple Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities happening statewide, including Wear Purple Day on Oct. 21.

For help with a domestic violence situation or to learn more about the Domestic Violence Awareness Month observance at Yavapai College, call 928-776-2185 or visit www.yc.edu/collegepolice

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