Gosar Votes Against National Defense Authorization Act—“Our Military Leadership Has Failed America”

Representative Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement after voting against the Fiscal Year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The NDAA provides annual authorization of appropriations for the Department of Defense and defense-related activities at other federal agencies.

“We just lost a major war in Afghanistan.  Thousands of brave American service members were killed.  Trillions of American taxpayer dollars were spent and wasted.  Our military leaders left behind $82 billion in high-tech military equipment and surrendered a state-of-the-art military air base in Bagram.

During the disastrous departure from Afghanistan, our military leaders then launched a drone strike against an innocent Afghan family and then repeatedly lied to the world by claiming the strike was “righteous” when in fact, this inexcusable mistake killed ten civilians, including seven children.

There is absolutely no provision in this legislation that holds the Biden administration accountable for its actions in Afghanistan.  We lost a 20-year war due to their leadership incompetence.

The NDAA also establishes national security policies and restrictions. Unfortunately, this year’s NDAA contained no provisions to prevent the divisive and disastrous Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being promoted within the military.  CRT divides our military and destroys troop morale, yet General Milley and other top brass continue to propagate this ideology within our military.

There is nothing in this legislation demanding answers from General Milley regarding his treasonous actions to collaborate with the Chinese Communist Party concerning American military strategy.

He should be court martialed immediately.

Let me be perfectly clear, I support our brave men and women in uniform.  Our soldiers won every battle they were told to fight.

Unfortunately, their leadership failed them.  Our military is led by a turncoat who cannot be trusted. General Milley has the gall to declare that veterans are domestic terrorists, and he has promoted his personal ideology in the military above strategy and winning.

Today our military leaders at the highest rank have become political pawns for the Biden administration. For these reasons, I voted against the NDAA, something almost unheard of for a conservative member of Congress.  As long as the military leadership does not support America, America cannot support military leadership. Milley is a disgrace. Our top military leadership has failed America.

This administration must answer to the American people for its continuous mistakes on the battlefield and within the Pentagon,” concluded Congressman Gosar.

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