Opinion: Why are we Fighting Muslim Wars?

It should be conceded that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists. With its long history of declaring war on infidels, it would seem that the Islamic claim that it is the religion of peace, is at the very least, questionable. On the other hand there are millions of Muslims who desire to live in peace with people of other religions and have no desire to forcibly convert others to their religion.

The fact remains, many Muslim leaders, when confronted with the multitude of terrorists acts committed in the name of Islam, come up with scripted responses. They will say that those who commit those murderous terrorist crimes have perverted the religion of Islam. Many Muslim religious leaders will say that these Islamist terrorists are misinterpreting the Holy Koran. Yet there are many Imams and Islamic scholars who will tell us that the Koran commands them to kill infidels and homosexuals and to inflict barbaric punishments on those who steal, commit adultery and women who disobey their husbands or violate strict dress codes.

The question then arises: is it the United States’ responsibility to correct the perversions and misinterpretations of Islam? The answer is a resounding, “NO”. What have the countries, where Islam is the state religion, done to stop these radicals from inflicting their death and mayhem? It would appear that unless the rulers of these countries feel threatened, they do very little to stop their homegrown Islamists from killing, bombing, shooting, raping and beheading “infidels” outside of their homelands.

Why aren’t the governments of these Muslim countries doing anything other than giving us occasional intelligence about terrorist activity? There are, undoubtedly, many reasons. If they came down hard on Islamic criminal terrorists, these Muslim hoodlums might turn their acts on these leaders and their own countries.

Considering the incestuous families occupying the leadership of the monarchies in many of these countries, they might not want to bring down punishment on their own relatives. Maybe they believe what many of the imams and Islamic scholars preach about religious jihad. Perhaps, more importantly, these rulers have no incentive to go after their deadly extremists.

The United States should provide these Muslim countries with that incentive. We have used the “carrot” as an inducement in the past in the form of military and economic aid. Now it appears to be the time to use the “stick”. There are literally dozens of “holy sites” in both Sunni and Shia Muslim countries. Whenever our country or any of its citizens are attacked, we should demolish one of those sites, after determining which sect of Islam is responsible. It would only take the elimination of one or two of those sites for their leaders to realize that it their obligation to stop Islamic terrorism.

It is the duty of the Muslim countries to police the heretics of their own religion. They can do it a lot better than we can. They speak the language, they know the people, they know the history, customs and geography. It is their duty, not ours. Except for the occasional obliteration of an Islamic holy site, we should completely disengage from the Middle East. Without our military there to be the focus of the Islamic radical savages, they will go back to their historic tribal and sect warfare, killing each other instead of Americans.

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1 thought on “Opinion: Why are we Fighting Muslim Wars?”

  1. The violence in Islam is embedded in their doctrine the Quran and Sunnah. The Quran is the immutable word of their God, Allah. It can never be changed. The goal of Islam is a worldwide caliphate under Sharia. Jihad is obligatory for all Muslims. And it will continue until the entire world is Dar al Islam, the house of Islam.

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