Jeff Weninger announces Candidacy for Arizona State Treasurer

Jeff Weninger announced Wednesday that launched his campaign to be the next State Treasurer, responsible for managing Arizona’s $23 billion investment portfolio.

Weninger, who represents Chandler, Sun Lakes, and Gilbert, has a long history of serving his community. As a small business owner, restauranteur, and entrepreneur, Weninger has spent his career creating jobs and providing opportunities for the community he represents. Whether it was voting for critical investment in Chandler and a balanced budget as a former City Councilmember, or bringing economic growth, new jobs, and Conservative values to the Arizona Capitol, Jeff has the experience and expertise to be Arizona’s next State Treasurer.

“I’ve spent my career building a business and serving our community. As the only job creator running for Arizona State Treasurer, I know what it means to balance a state budget, manage business finances, and sign both sides of a paycheck. I am proud to champion landmark legislation at the Capitol, from making it easier to start a business, to modernizing the state gaming compact, to fighting to keep government small and out of the way of entrepreneurs, I am committed to bringing that same innovation and transparency to the Treasurer’s office.”

In addition to launching the campaign, Jeff is excited to announce an important endorsement from his colleague and former candidate for Arizona Treasurer, Dr. Regina Cobb, who has suspended her campaign and is supporting Weninger:

“I could not be happier to see Jeff enter the race for Treasurer as I pursue a new and different opportunity to serve Arizona. I am excited to support a fellow small business owner and fiscal Conservative, someone I’ve watched fight to grow Arizona’s economy, fund our first responders, and responsibly invest in our future – all through smart, innovative measures to balance our budget. As a friend and colleague, Jeff has my wholehearted endorsement for Arizona State Treasurer and I encourage my supporters to join Jeff’s campaign.”

Learn more about Jeff and his campaign at:

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