September 3, 2021


Opinion: Why Gold Star families felt disrespected by Biden

The loss of a son is devastating, and no one should begrudge Biden’s expressions of the grief about Beau’s premature death. However, the families were appalled that Biden focused on his son’s death rather their own loss during their very brief meetings with him. “It just didn’t seem that appropriate to spend that much time


Watters Garden Center to host Frontier Rotary Grapes-4-Good Benefit September 19

Wine flows and spirits lifted as the gardens come alive as Watters Garden Center hosts Prescott Frontier Rotary’s 15th benefit. On September 19, 5–8 pm, the garden center transforms into “A Garden Party,” with all proceeds going directly to Rotary community causes. Grapes-4-Good received an outpouring of support in 2019, raising more than $65,000. COVID-19


Jeff Weninger announces Candidacy for Arizona State Treasurer

Jeff Weninger announced Wednesday that launched his campaign to be the next State Treasurer, responsible for managing Arizona’s $23 billion investment portfolio. Weninger, who represents Chandler, Sun Lakes, and Gilbert, has a long history of serving his community. As a small business owner, restauranteur, and entrepreneur, Weninger has spent his career creating jobs and providing


Moonshine: 1 in 5 Arizonans made their own alcohol during the pandemic

39% did no prior research before doing so.  Alaska was the moonshine capital of America during the pandemic. One of the things many had in common over the past year was boredom during lockdown; no plans on the weekends, eventless evenings after work, and nearly everything had already been binge-watched on Netflix. Since many couldn’t

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Fall Garden

There are lots of vegetables that grow well through the cool autumn weather. Some plants need longer days and a bit warmer soil to really get started, but all produce through the end of the year. You can start seed in August by growing your starts in a cool shady spot in the garden. We


On the crawl: Why so many caterpillars are wriggling around Arizona

Kelsey Shaw and her two children pick up large yellow and green caterpillars just off the Bush Highway near Saguaro Lake. The children have no hesitation handling these nearly 2- to 3-inch-long caterpillars, letting them crawl all over their clothes. Shaw and her children were preparing to spend the morning picking up litter along the

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