Hypnotically Speaking

Imagine being able to work with your body to heal illnesses, prep for surgery or dental procedures, improve eyesight, treat insomnia, or manage pain to name a few. Many people would never think of hypnosis for any of these medical issues. I surely didn’t. As we begin to share the many ways hypnosis can help with medical conditions or procedures I would be remiss to not share my own personal story.

When I was twenty years old I met the love of my life. The most amazing man! We had a wonderful summer together. That fall I became ill with what they thought was mononucleosis, but shrugged their shoulders when the tests came back negative. I lost my appetite which resulted in a huge weight loss, becoming very weak and exhausted. This lasted for about eight weeks and one day I finally felt like eating. I would say it took about a year to recover from this illness and I never really returned to my previous health for many years.

A few years later I was engaged and planning a wedding and became ill in the same way. This time I saw a different doctor who did many more tests and still there were no answers. I did realize how important it was to eat so I would force myself to eat which helped a little. Still I was weak and exhausted with flu-like symptoms. Again it lasted about seven to eight weeks. Along the way I did discover I was severely hypoglycemic. My blood sugars dropped dangerously low while testing. It was suggested that I had to consider myself allergic to sugar and completely stop eating refined sugar. By this time I had two beautiful baby boys and tired of being sick and tired so it was worth it to me to stop eating sugar.

I began to feel a little better but noticed a pattern of whenever I was overworking or stressed, even a little, I would fall back into this illness with no name, always lasting seven to eight weeks.

Finally in 1990 I was seeing my doctor with my familiar symptoms. He looked at me and said “I think I have an idea of what you may have.” Could it be I finally had an answer? After doing some blood work he called me to tell me I had something called Epstein Barr Virus or chronic fatigue, and then went on to tell me that there really was nothing they could do for me. He suggested I rest, eat healthy and it would eventually subside. The good news was I now had a name for what I was experiencing all these years.

I went to the book store (no internet at that time) and began researching EBV and what I could do for it. Most books were written from a holistic point of view focusing on nutrition and exercising. At the time I owned a different business and a client of mine told me about a book that helped her husband a great deal. The name of the book was You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. This book talked about using self talk and affirmations to heal your body and life. A concept I had never heard of and at the same time it inspired me to begin using my mind to help me heal.

Next time I will continue my story and tell you how I talked myself into wellness and how this led me to a career in hypnosis. Until then have a beautiful day!


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