Wounded Heroes Documentary Helps Distraught War Vets Over the Loss of Afghanistan to the Taliban

Released by Gier Productions, LLC, the Wounded Heroes documentary features successful alternative non-drug treatments and programs that heal the wounds of Post-Traumatic Stress.

Outrage is being expressed by many war vets at the loss of Afghanistan just before the 20th anniversary of 9-11. For some, it’s a trigger making their battle with Post-Traumatic Stress even more difficult.

An alarming statistic by the Department of Veterans Affairs reports anywhere from 17 to 22 veteran suicides every single day and the last thing that’s needed is even more stress for those battling PTS.

Wounded Heroes, an award-winning documentary directed/produced by filmmaker Michael Gier and released by Gier Productions, LLC, is a three-year passion project and features successful alternative treatments that give anyone battling PTS their lives back.

Gier says, “Many battling Post-Traumatic Stress believe that it’s a “life sentence” but that’s not true. The film features Veterans that had lost hope but now have their lives back. They went from contemplating suicide to living happy fulfilling lives.”

“I feel alive again, I feel rejuvenated, I feel like a soldier again.” – Kyle Green, US Army 1998 – 2008

“I’m happier today than I’ve ever been in my entire life.” – Chuck Gardea, US Air Force 1989 – 2015, Firefighter/Paramedic 1998 – 2015

“I didn’t even know this kind of happiness was possible.” – Sherri Waters, US Army

Dr. Shauna Springer, Ph.D., known as “Doc Springer” in the military community, is a best-selling author and one of the nation’s leading experts on trauma and military transition. She has become a trusted Doc to countless warfighters across the country and has gained the respect of warriors of all ranks. Her unique role has given her a deep understanding of warrior culture, and the warfighter.

“The Taliban takeover has thrust many service members into intense grief, and private mental warfare as they wonder if their service counted, if the sacrifice of people they loved was all for nothing, and some are expressing urgent fear about those we left behind,” said Dr. Springer.

The film not only features successful alternative treatments, but it also features steps for success. Gier says, “First, try the treatment option that’s most appealing to you and then following up with other treatment options because they work well in combination. Second, find likeminded people that have your back; don’t fight this battle alone. Third, it’s vital to find a new mission; a purpose bigger than yourself.”

With the stresses of COVID, civil unrest, a divided country, and now the loss of Afghanistan to the Taliban, it’s time to help people heal. Wounded Heroes is a film that features solutions, not only for Veterans, but also for police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, and anyone battling PTS.

Wounded Heroes is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, YouTube Movies, Roku, and Vimeo On Demand.

The “Sponsor a Hero” program gives people the opportunity to purchase screenings that are then given to heroes at no cost. It’s a great way for people to pay it forward as a thank you in appreciation for all they do.

Visit WoundedHeroesDocumentary.com to get more details about the Sponsor a Hero program, watch the trailer, film excerpts, press interviews, and more.

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