Badgers Fly Past Thunderbird 9-0: Badminton team starts off strong

Photo: Megan Townsend

The Prescott Badgers opened up their 2021 season with a clean sweep of Thunderbird, 9-0 yesterday at Prescott High School.

“This was a solid first match of the season, but plenty to improve on as we move forward. We hope to see you at a match to cheer on these young ladies,” said Badger coach Bobbi Yoder.

The Badgers will host the Tempe Buffaloes on Tuesday at 4 pm.

Singles Results

#1 Megan Townsend won 2-0

#2 Ellie Long won 2-1

#3 Nicole Raiss won 2-1

#4 Lauren Farley won 2-0

#5 Riley Crockett won 2-0

#6 Calli Naylor won 2-0

Doubles Results

#1 N. Raiss/R. Crockett won 2-0

#2 M. Townsend/E. Long won 2-0

#3 L. Farley/C. Naylor won 2-0

The badminton team could use your help with a fundraiser for the team this season. Please go to the following link to make a difference.


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