Gosar Demands Hearing on Protecting Americans from Illegal Immigration

The Biden border crisis grows worse every month. It was announced this week that in July over 212,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended along the southern border. This is nearly 25,000 more than June and it 420 percent higher than last July.  Along with the illegal immigrants comes an alarming amount of drugs. 771 pounds of fentanyl and 17,792 pounds of methamphetamine were seized in July. We are on pace to have over 2 million people cross the southern border by October. But it gets worse. The Biden administration is releasing COVID-positive illegal immigrants in our communities. In McAllen, Texas, for example, 7000 COVID-positive illegal migrants have been released since February! So while Mr. Biden pushes his vaccine mandate upon American citizens, he gives plane and bus tickets out to COVID-positive illegals to travel throughout the United States.

In response, I joined my Republican colleagues on the House Oversight and Reform Committee and sent a letter demanding a field hearing in New Mexico with Mr. Biden and members of his homeland security and infectious disease teams.

Click here to read a copy of the letter.

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