Promising players for the Fantasy NFL

It’s never too early to talk NFL when you’re a football fan Already you’ll be aching for the official start to the season, which doesn’t arrive until September 9th. Will the defending champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, retain their title? We’ll find out when Super Bowl LVI takes place on Sunday, February 13th.

But it’s a long way to the Super Bowl. As well as the regular season, which features an extra game. teams have three pre-season games to contend with. Anything can happen, and if you’re creating your fantasy football team, you’ll be keeping a close eye on developments.

This post is a look ahead to the NFL season, discussing the fantasy football aspect and players who could bring in the points for your team.

Preparing your team

Only a few players are left to pick from free agency, since the NFL 2021 draft is over now, and if you’re playing fantasy football, you’ll be studying the analysis and who could give you the most prospects of winning.

One observation that players have made is that whereas in the true-life game, quarterbacks are the driving force of the team, in the fantasy world it’s a different story. When you play fantasy football, it’s a receiver’s world. Dealing with passes is as important as scoring. A player that doesn’t score on the grid can still play a blinder on the fantasy grid.

Following the draft, writers have ranked the players by .5 PPR and feel a range of players could help rack up points on the fantasy scoreboard. Here are some they believe could help you on the road to victory:

Elijah Moore

The New York Jets added wide receiver Elijah Moore to their ranks in the first 2021 NFL draft, and what an acquisition he could be.

Forget about that infamous celebration on the grid against Mississippi State. In 2020, this kid led the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the NCAA with 10.8 receptions and 149.1 receptions per game. He also set a school record with 86 receptions.

The wide receiver has made a pleasing start to his days with the Jets, thanks to his impressive catching. Not only his catching has impressed his coaches, however, but also his work ethic. This is a rookie who wants to win.

Najee Harris

Another player who has earned the confidence of fantasy football experts has been running back Najee Harris, who signed a four-year rookie deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round draft pick. Harris was the first running back to be selected in the draft and under contract.

Harris carries a lot of expectation on his shoulders, both on the true-life grid and in the fantasy league. Experts are expecting him to move straight into the starting line-up and to play a key part in turning dreary games around for the Steelers.

Harris, like Elijah Moore, has displayed an incredible work ethic. It’s hardly surprising the Steelers made a beeline for him. In 2020, Harris ranked second with 251 carries and topped all the backs with 26 touchdowns on the ground.

He’s also set school career records with 57 total scores, 46 rushing touchdowns and 3,843 rushing yards. Harris is tall, powerful, determined and versatile… a real threat to opponents, basically, and he’s made conditioning his priority so he can truly give the Steelers his best.

Kyle Pitt

Kyle Pitt may have started out his playing days as a quarterback, but it’s as a tight end that he’s making his name in football. He’s tall, athletic, has good passing skills and has proved himself to have respectable abilities as a run-blocker and one-on-one.

The tight end moved to the Atlanta Falcons, from the Florida Gators, in the first round of the draft and was widely viewed as the no 1 non-quarterback prospect. Experts are expecting him to start early in the season for his new team and really accumulate the points for anyone smart enough to select him.

What do they base all this on? Three years of outstanding service to the Gators have gotten him noticed. In that time, he’s scored 18 touchdowns and caught 100 passes for 1,492 years. He’s also won the John Mackey award for top tight end.

Trey Lance

If you’re looking for a quarterback to chalk up points for your fantasy football team, experts feel Trey Lance is your man, especially if the 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo before the start of the season. The former North Dakota State man joined the 49ers at just 20 years old and is something of a mystery man, but, like the 49ers, experts have faith in him.

Even though Lance’s best football could be a couple of years away yet, he’s shown flashes of all the qualities that make a player stand out to football scouts: speed, strength, accuracy, leadership, pattern identification and ability to read a defense.

In the one fall game of 2020, he led the Bison to victory versus Central Arkansas, a game in which he completed 15 out 30 passes, two touchdowns and one interception. He’s an exciting prospect, and the 49ers will be looking to get him out onto the grid and keep developing him.

There have been some amazing picks in the draft, picks which have set the NFL 2021 season for as much excitement in the fantasy football NFL as on the grid itself. Let’s see what happens when the teams get out there. Did the experts serve you well?

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