August 2, 2021


National Night Out in Prescott Valley – Tuesday night, August 3, 2021

National Night Out is tomorrow! This year, we are hosting an outdoor, centralized event from 5-8 p.m. at the Town Civic Center Theater on the Green and Civic Center lawns. Featuring performances by Atomic Surf, Polynesian Siva, and the Diamond Dream Dancers starting at 5:30 PM. Make your plans to be part of the fun! This year’s

On Cinema With Tonatiuh Malanos-Rodriguez

Why Overreliance on CGI is Ruining Movies

You’ve heard it time after time, whether it be from technophobic armchair critics, people who hate George Lucas, or the voice in your head when you see this complete abomination: “CGI is ruining movies.” If you read my last article, you might think it’s odd that I’m attacking CGI (Computer Graphic Images) when I previously


Opinion: Are We Entering the ‘Age of the Individual?’

While Independence Day is now well behind us and the dog days of summer rage on, we should continue to celebrate a spirit of individual independence. While we’re social creatures, a spirit of autonomy has advanced humanity throughout the ages—from the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age, which (while challenging in

Social Media

6 Tips for Twitter Marketing

Most people across the world have used or use social media in some way whether it is for entertainment or business purposes. It has become so commonplace because social media offers so many platforms that cater to different tastes. Additionally, social media is mobile-friendly, easy to use, and free. You can take your phone and