Unclutter your waist

Can clutter cause weight gain? You betcha!

The weight loss industry is HUGE. I just did a quick Google of the topic and found that we’re talking over 72 BILLION in the US alone. We’re talking a lot of protein shakes, keto diets and unused gym memberships. But yet obesity rates continue to climb. I believe this amount of information clutters our efforts to lose weight.

This topic became a heavy (har) one for me on my last checkup. Not only was my weight at an all-time high, so was my blood pressure. With my family history being rife with weight related health issues, I knew I better get serious about uncluttering about 50 pounds.

I have struggled to maintain a healthful weight since my 30s. Prior to then, I was one of those annoying people who could eat pretty much whatever without gaining.

Then babies came along. And pound by pound, the weight would creep back on despite hitting the gym most days and a healthful diet

When I was 40, I lost 50 pounds with Weight Watchers. I felt great. But yup…pound by pound, it crept back on. And now my checkup turned into a wake-up call.

I experimented with intermittent fasting. Tried keto. Did the no sugar/no flour plan.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  I put a few more pounds on. Oh, let’s not forget all the exercise.

After looking at my failed attempts with the fad approaches, I went back to Weight Watchers—now rebranded as “WW.” It worked for me before, it’ll work again, I reasoned.

This is not a commercial for WW, by the way. But I will share with you why I have found WW to be the most effective tool for me. They cut through the clutter, have science-based proof of their effectiveness, and have a wonderful supportive online community.

First—there are no quick fixes in weight loss. Or in ANYTHING that is important. We want to throw back protein shakes, go on a drastic diet, fast intermittently, ANYTHING that promises quick results. Sure, you may have a quick response, but the results are not sustainable. You will probably gain back the weight—along with a few more pounds. Just like I did.

Second–Negative self-talk and berating yourself will only set you up for more heartache and failure. Your body is taking in everything you think and say. If you’re calling yourself unkind things—it hears it all. Pay attention! If you wouldn’t say it to a loved one, don’t say it to yourself.

Third–Willpower will only take you so far. Willpower often arises out of the ego. And that’s not bad–it’s just that, like the fad diets, this approach is hard to maintain. Especially since it is the ego stirring up unhappy comparisons. (Is my butt that big? What size is she wearing? Etc…) We are wired for connection and the WW forum provides the encouragement and support needed when the willpower runs try.

Fourth–Struggling with weight (or any health issue) is an INVITATION to TRANSFORMATION. Get curious about the behaviors not serving you well. And most importantly, learn how to LOVE YOURSELF. You have a GODDESS BODY! Treat it with the love it deserves for housing your beautiful, sacred soul.

I am excited about the things I am learning. And yes, I’ve lost the 50ish pounds and feel amazing. This journey is truly about more than losing weight–it is transformative.

Hey if you’re interested in uncluttering a few or a lot of pounds, consider WW,  This referral code will give you a discount on joining and I will get a month free. I sorta like it because it will give me a month free too!


Theresa Winn Lode is a certified life coach and author. She loves helping people free themselves of clutter of every type. She loves dumpsters and dark roast coffee with a splash of cream (2 points on WW). She may or may not track merlot (4 points).  

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