Prescott Talks – Interview with Phil Goode, Part 2

Glenn Martin and Phil Goode continue to discuss the issues, including the public input to the City Council, the Arizona Eco Development Agreement, and veterans. Mr. Goode wants to restore the public’s trust in city government, and is disappointed by the disrespectful smear campaign that has occurred.


1 thought on “Prescott Talks – Interview with Phil Goode, Part 2”

  1. A question for the Prescott Mayoral candidates:

    1) What will you do to get reckless drivers in Prescott to slow down before they hurt someone?
    2) What will you do to stop the relentless noise from cars and trucks with obnoxious modified exhausts? You can hear these clowns from 2 miles away!

    Sadly, because politicians have been asleep, Prescott is now EVERYONE’S RACETRACK.

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