July 25, 2021


Prescott Talks – Interview with Phil Goode, Part 2

Glenn Martin and Phil Goode continue to discuss the issues, including the public input to the City Council, the Arizona Eco Development Agreement, and veterans. Mr. Goode wants to restore the public’s trust in city government, and is disappointed by the disrespectful smear campaign that has occurred.

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Opinion: Has the Rebellion Begun?

Spending seven days in Southern California in the middle of July was enlightening. My youngest son and his family just moved into an older middle class neighborhood in Lakewood, CA. Even though the Fourth of July had been the week before, many of the houses were still flying the Stars and Stripes on their porches.


Protecting Arizona Voters

Arizona’s election laws make it easy to vote — but hard to cheat. Under Governor Doug Ducey’s leadership, Arizona continues to prioritize election integrity to further strengthen the process that makes our representative government a beacon of democracy. Public confidence in voting is critical — it is the foundation upon which all our elections are built. This


HOLY COW! HISTORY: The Woman Who Kissed Hitler at the Olympics

The 2020 Olympic Games are finally here! Though they’re some 12 months behind schedule due to the pandemic, it’s ‘better late than never’ as the world’s greatest athletes come together to make history. That’s certainly what happened in Berlin in 1936. We’ve all done something impulsive. A spur-of-the-moment decision that when you thought about it

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