Weekend Washout – Prescott Roadrunners unable to play due to weather

Photo: Four members of the Prescott Roadrunners during a recent pitching change. On the left is PHS grad Jake Schulz.

After a 10-1 win over the Bay Area Force on Thursday night, the Prescott Roadrunners were looking forward to a big final weekend in their home town, but Mother Nature had different plans.

The Roadrunners were stormed out for the third straight afternoon on Sunday, leaving both teams with a travel day to look forward to.

Luke Fredrick, Prescott High School grad in 2020, was looking forward to pitching the final home game of the season said, “I was looking forward especially in my home town, but the weather had its own plan. I will get the start on Tuesday. The delay will throw me off a bit, but I will be ready for Tuesday. We tried to see if we could get the field into playing condition, but today especially, there was so much rain that fell, that there was nothing we could do. The main bummer though was I wanted the home town to come see our last home game.”

Jake Schulz said, “We did try and get the field playable, but there was just too much rain to deal with. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to play all our home games. Thanks to those who came out and supported us. Now we just have to get prepared for the road trip.”

The Roadrunners (12-3) on the season, will play their final 18 games on the road in the Bay Area against three different clubs in the next 21 days, starting with the Humboldt Crabs in Arcata, California.