3 Human Food Alternatives to Cat Treats

The argument/debate that there are more cats than dogs or vice versa is not a new one. The answer to this question can be very tricky. For one, this is because canines and felines are the most treasured pets in the United States and many other parts of the world.

It is even a rare sight to see exotic pets such as bearded dragons, snakes, rabbits, and pets other than felines and canines. The love humans have for the two most common animal companions is one reason there are so many breeds of these animals.

For instance, the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) presently recognizes somewhere around 380 – 400 canine breeds. Just so you know, this is not a unanimous decision among canine associations. Some have way more and some less than the numbers recognized by the FCI.

On the other hand, the recognized feline breeds are a lot less than canine breeds. For instance, associations like the ICA (International Cat Association) recognize as many as 71 breeds of this animal.

The numbers are a lot less with feline associations like the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) that recognizes only 42.

So, cats are way less than dogs if the number of breeds is your yardstick. Also, there are more pet parents to dogs than cats in the United States and many other parts of the world.

However, this is not the end of the debate. The reason is that pet parents/owners/guardians of cats tend to have more cats than dog parents would have canines. As a result, the number of felines in countries like the United States is slightly above canines.

So, you can see how tricky this question can be. For more information on the subject, you can visit: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-most-popular-animals-owned-as-pets-in-the-us.html

Cats and dogs have become a huge part of our lives and we must make time to know more about them. This is why this article will focus on cats. Here, we will discuss 3 human food alternatives to cat treats.

This information is very important because there may be times you lack cat treats and need something to make your cat feel loved or help in training. For such times, the human meals discussed in this article can be used as treats for your feline companion.

Understanding Your Cats’ Anatomical Peculiarity

Cats can be very independent creatures. For instance, they have this natural sense of self-reliance that makes them want to cater for themselves. It might even interest you to know felines are less vulnerable to separation anxiety than canines. The fact is that this is truer about certain breeds than others.

The point is that you need to do more to win the affection of a cat than you would with a dog. To make sure they bond with their cats, some people go as far as sharing their meals with their feline companions.

This can be dangerous if you offer certain foods to your cat. The reason is that there are so many anatomical differences between humans and these creatures. For instance, humans are omnivores but this is not the case with cats.

Cats are carnivores and even more reliant on meat for their nutritional satisfaction than many other carnivores. They belong to a class of carnivores known as obligate carnivores or hypercarnivores. For more on this subject, you can read this.

There may be times you do not have that premium quality cat treats but need it. For such a time, you can make do with some human meals that are safe and also healthy for your cat.

However, we strongly advise that you do not make it a habit as using specially formulated treats for cat is better. Having established this, here are some human meal options you can use:


Cats are obligate carnivores. What this means is that they need a large amount of meat in their diet to be and stay healthy. So, the best human meal option you should consider is meat. You can offer it raw or cooked as both will serve the purpose.

However, you should be careful about the kind of meat you give your cat. Make sure the meat option you offer is very low in sodium. The reason is that excess salt is bad for your feline companion as s/he will have a hard time digesting it. Meat options you should avoid include ham and cold cuts.


Cats love eating fish because it tastes great. But there is more to fish for them than the great taste. The oily content improves the eyesight of your feline companion. Furthermore, the brain and joints of the cat will benefit a lot from the consumption of fish.


First, non-meaty human meals should only be given once in a while. Now that you know that, you should also know that oatmeal is one of those non-meaty human meals that give your cat a lot of benefits.

The reason is that it contains beneficial nutrients. Some of the essential nutrients it contains include protein, fiber, and iron. As a result, it has an overall positive effect on your feline’s health. For instance, it is a good way to deal with skin issues especially when administered topically.


Other than oatmeal, some other human meals are not meaty but great for your cat. But as explained before, do not offer your feline too much of them. Some of these human meal options include pumpkin, carrots, rice, berries, melon, and bananas.

The knowledge of these meals will prove helpful at some point for feline parents. However, we strongly suggest that you prioritize offering your cats premium quality cat treats. To do this, you should shop all treats for your cat from the right source.

We have discussed 3 human meal alternatives to cat treats in this article and hope that you make good use of this information when the need arises.


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  1. This is a nicely written article with some good basic information. Just want to call one item to your attention. I believe you intended to state TICA-The International Cat Association, not ICA. TICA does have 71 recognized breeds, thus believe this is what you intended to reference.
    Thanks so much for writing about felines.

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