Opinion: It’s Not Just a Conspiracy, It’s a Formula

On this Fourth of July, while we remember our Founding, the freedoms and independence that date symbolizes, we should also reflect on how our freedoms have been eroded. At no period in our lifetime, have our God-given rights been more at risk. They have not been endangered by forces outside our country. The danger is from inside the United States, more specifically from our own governments, federal, state and local.

In their continued effort to avoid debate with those of opposing opinions, the leftist politicians and their fawning media, declare many of those on the right to be “conspiracy nuts.” When we question the relationships between “Big Media,” “Big Tech” and the Democrat Party, they declare us to be obsessed with conspiracies. When it is pointed out all of the former Democrat officials that now produce, host or contribute to “news shows” on network and cable channels, the left laughs it off as if it was unthinkable to suggest that would have any effect on their reporting. They will not acknowledge that the billionaires who own and operate big tech companies contribute great monetary funds to progressive candidates and causes.

A look at the history of communist, socialist and Marxist takeovers of countries, shows that they follow a general formula. Since President Reagan orchestrated the economic and political fall of the Soviet Union, the radicals on the left have altered that recipe. They kept what was working for them, changed the practices that weren’t working, added new policies and borrowed from other political movements.

The far leftists have continued more than half a century of infiltration into our colleges and public schools, often utilizing radicals of the sixties who escaped prosecution or convictions or who were pardoned by Democrats. Realizing that a successful movement needs money, the extremists in the Democrat Party teamed with corporate executives who they bought through “crony capitalism”.

Evolving with the times, they got together with the social media companies, educational establishments and the media to suppress free speech, Conservatives were harassed or denied venues on college campuses. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others started taking off entries on their sites that they didn’t agree with. The mainstream media would focus for days on stories that enhanced their views and would spike stories that showed a contrary position, thus giving their viewers and readers only half of the story.

For example, network and cable new shows have focused for weeks on President Biden’s false assertion that the biggest threat to our country is “White Supremacy”. The progressive media doesn’t give any examples of attacks by white supremacists because there is so little of it. Tucker Carlson exposed on his show that according to his sources within the FBI, the agency was about to close down their domestic terrorism unit because there was so little of it going on. You know that won’t happen now, since Biden has declared it our biggest threat.

One of the strategies used in the past was to create anarchy so that the people would willingly give up their rights for a return to order. Wasn’t anarchy the aim of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer? Didn’t that mirror the actions of the brown shirts who were instrumental in aiding the Nazis to gain power in Germany?

One part of the formula that the “useful idiots” in the media, big tech, and corporate leftists don’t realize, is that when the radicals pulling their strings take over, they will be the first to go to re-education camps or worse. Maybe they will see a conspiracy then.

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