Opinion: Will It Be As Easy Next Time?

The erosion of our Constitutional, God-given rights, started a long time ago, but with the vast government overreaction to the COVID pandemic, the slow wearing away of those rights has become a landslide. The First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion was partially abridged decades ago. Dismissing more than a century and a half of prayer in public school, an activist Supreme Court misinterpreted the “establishment” clause to ban prayer in those houses of learning.

Last year, the Wuhan virus created a health panic. Those mayors and governors who had either a totalitarian bent or a politician’s fear of the media, public opinion and/or the virus, suspended our right to exercise our religion. We were forbidden to gather, even outdoors in most jurisdictions, to practice our faith. The penalties for violating these unconstitutional dictates were heavy fines and possible incarceration.

For the first time in our history, churches were effectively shut down and we went along with it. Even more distressing, our bishops, priests, rabbis and pastors agreed to the shut down. It looks like they had more faith in the government than they did in our God.

Many of our elected leaders took advantage of the COVID fear to take on the role of despots. The proof of this is the fact that while they shut down the practice of religion, these autocrats allowed us to “peacefully assemble”, but only in some instances. We couldn’t protest the shut down of churches, restaurants or gyms, or we could be arrested. Those who wanted to protest the death of George Floyd could assemble, even if these protests turned into full fledged riots and looting. No fear of arrest and prosecution for that. And we went along with it.

We had to wear masks, even in open air. We had to socially distance. In public, we were prohibited from shaking hands, hugging and kissing even our closest friends and relatives. On holidays, or any day, really, we were forbidden to gather in our own homes with more than five or six people, or whatever number the tyrants dictated. We were ordered to quarantine for a period of time, even those of us who were healthy and not in the high risk population, and we did it. We were told to rat out our neighbors who violated these unconstitutional mandates, and some quislings among us did so.

We fell victim to the fear generated by so-called medical experts and tyrannical politicians egged on by a leftist media. We freely gave up our right to exercise our religion, our right to assemble and the right to protest the unconstitutional edicts. Why couldn’t those who had health problems, were at risk or truly feared the virus, have self quarantined, wore masks and socially distanced? Why couldn’t the rest of us, knowing the risks, have been free to go about our normal lives without fear of arrest, fines or incarceration?

Now restrictions have been lifted. As we look back on a wasted year and a half of government suppression, what will be the next “crisis” that the government/media complex will use to infringe or out right eliminate our God-given rights? From media reports, FBI and government statements, my guess will be an attack on those who oppose the progressive/Marxist agenda. Anyone who disagrees with them will be labeled “White supremacists” and those so designated will lose many, if not all of their rights. All of this begs this last question: Will it be as easy next time to take our rights?

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Will It Be As Easy Next Time?”

  1. God bless Buz. And this fake scare is nothing more than a more severe flu affecting seniors with other health issues that the one worlders made up of the world bankers and their globalist-billionaire friends. Add in the side effects to young men and child bearing women and you have depopulation of the earth built into the pandemic.

  2. My answer: No. This was last (“best”) try. Even if their offspring-like the Rockerfellers, the Rothchilds-the bored rich with idle hands and minds-even if they try future generations will know the signs and how to stop it, they will be on high alert for it and recognize it -worldwide.

    Now we are aware that we outnumber them, we are awake and more are waking up daily. “Fool me once”.

    Too many of us know the global predators are real and we are connected with each other and growing daily. We know more than we ever wanted to know about these inhumane global criminals. They have been trying this-control of all of humanity-for decades. We know Louis Pasteur was a liar like Fauci….. The “science” we never suspected before nor attempted to question-not anymore! We are past “cognitive dissidence” and know that this was another conspiracy and not a theory. We know the word “gas lighting” now!

    The signs of a similar hoax being splattered on the entire world, like this one was will be too obvious and WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT COMPLY! We simply, will not comply, in huge numbers together, so that alone will stop them from another attempt.

    Their (controlled) media is still trying to keep it going- even today with the phony “delta variant” (LOL!) and plans for the fall-?lockdown because the zeta strain, its the worst we have ever seen, similar to an ebola effect, do not attempt to go outside and cover your nose and mouth at all times!”

    Don’t fall for any of it people! 100% pure lies from such criminal liars who “simply” want what we have even though they can buy private jets to match the color of the water on their island.

    They want us to be separated from our creator and be lost-they way they are.

    We will now and forever, push back -not with anger or confrontation- but with logical QUESTIONS-their biggest threat. “What is the emergency declared for?” “Show us the evidence vs just making claims”…..”Where is a single study that is not funded by Bill Gates or Soros that a mask or closing my business is effective in stopping an alleged pathogen?”

    They recoil from questions because it pressures them to keep lying and risk contradicting their previous lies-like Fauci, Pelosi, etc etc. They fear the most easily led amongst us -their biggest supporters-finding out that they are being lied to and led off a cliff.

    People worldwide are waking up and asking questions and demanding answers and action and from our county leaders as never before.

    Too bad Trump did not see thru Fauci-or the non-benign injections. A one hour debate with Fauci vs Dr. Shiva, or Dr. Atlas the way Rand Paul has managed to corner the rat would have saves a lot of lives and economic destruction.


  3. George Hotchkiss

    I believe in no god, but, I will fight to the death to make sure there is freedom of religion in the U.S. Why, because government should stay out of religion, another but, not allowing gatherings during the pandemic does not limit freedom of religion. Churches, synagogues, mosques (the buildings) are important to religions but not necessary for religions to be practiced. I am pretty sure nobody lost their faith because they couldn’t go to church for a few months. Clerics were not prevented from other, smaller gatherings or individual visits, flocks were not told they could not pray, lay clerics were not prevented from their contacts with their fellow members. This was a public health emergency, period. The measures to curb the spread of the virus varied around the country, but clearly millions of Americans were saved a horrible death. The hospital systems survived (barely) & life is back to normal with fewer controls. That is how health emergencies work, you have to clamp down for a while but then when the risk reduces you back off.

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