Chino Valley Town Councilman Corey Mendoza Resigns

Town Councilmember Corey Mendoza submitted his letter of resignation and announced that the June 22, 2021, meeting was his final as a member of council.

While sitting on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mendoza was appointed to fill an opening created when then Councilmember Linda Hatch resigned in 2015. He then ran and was elected in 2016 for a two-year term and was re-elected in 2018 for his current four-year term which is scheduled to end December 2022.

“My daughter has been given a job opportunity out of state,” Mendoza said. “To be close to our granddaughter we have always told them ‘If you move, pick a nice place because grandma & I are following you.’ And now, we have to back up what we said. So, we are following our granddaughter, our daughter, and son in law.”

Mendoza added that he is confident the current council members are on the right track to do what’s best for the town.

“I think they’re in really good hands. We’ve got great leadership within the town,” said Mendoza. “I’ve really enjoyed my town and my time as a Town Councilman and thank you all for electing me. I hope I have done a good job.”

Mayor Jack Miller said he is looking forward to seeing who will replace Mendoza.

“We have so many talented and experienced people living in Chino Valley,” said Miller. “I know we will find someone who is eager to put their experience to work for the community.”

Applicants interested in filling the vacancy are requested to contact the Town Clerks Office for information and requirements for the position.

Applicants will be reviewed by the Appointments Subcommittee who will then forward a recommendation to Council for review and appointment.

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