Hypnotically Speaking

If you have been following this column, you now have a better understanding of the communication between the conscious and unconscious mind and how it can influence your life. Maybe you have been thinking of ways to use hypnosis in your own life. Before we begin to explore the many ways hypnosis can benefit you, lets take a look at the Five Steps to Program Yourself. Remember you are always in charge. All hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Step 1: Identify the behavior you want to change. Begin by choosing a specific behavior or habit you want to change.

Ex: I want to stop eating sugar, and forget about eating cookies or ice cream.

Step 2: Define how you want to act instead. Remember your unconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives. You want to clearly define what you DO want to do instead.

Example: I want to feel good and exercise more while eating fruit during breaks.

Step 3: Decide how would you need to feel to act that way. This is the step that makes it all work. You know how you want to act. Also, think about how you would need to FEEL in order for that new behavior to be natural.

Example: If you want to exercise more – focus on feeling energized and motivated. If you want to eat better at dinner – focus on feeling healthy and eating more consciously. Remember that your behaviors flow from your emotional state. Using your emotions as your guidance will keep you present and in the moment. If your feeling good, just keep it up. If you’re feeling bad, use that feeling as your guidance to focus on what you do want. Change how you feel and simultaneously change your behaviors.

Step 4: Make a movie of you acting in a new way. Go into the theater of the mind and make a movie of you in your original situation. Start the movie 5 minutes before the behavior begins and end 5 minutes after the behavior ends. Rewind the movie to the beginning and watch it again imaging that you felt exactly the way you decided to in step 3. Replay the movie imagining that you felt that way intensely. Notice how it changes. How do you change in it? Do you talk different, move different, etc?

Step 5: Loop the movie, and watch it 10-20 times quickly. Once you have the movie you like, connect the end to the beginning and let it loop through your mind quickly 10-20 times.

So far we have been exploring the basics of hypnosis. As we go forward we will look at how we apply these basic principles to the many habits, issues, and emotions that get in the way of you living your best life. You deserve to live your best life. and it’s time to use your own personal power and decide how hypnosis can benefit you on your journey in life.

Until next time be sure and have a beautiful day.

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