Arizona Today: Interview with Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

Dr. Lyle and Rabbi Jack Zimmerman discuss anti-Semitism, how the Bible predicted the world we live in today, and the Founding Fathers.


2 thoughts on “Arizona Today: Interview with Rabbi Jack Zimmerman”

  1. Very Good Morning Doc Lyle… was glad to see and hear Rabbi Jack with his common sense logic, we must all put our beliefs in GOD together and expand our Christian values so we pray to the one true GOD as a cohesive group.
    GOD’s people have the history and knowledge we need to recognize and study the history of our religious beliefs, and yes read the Holy Bible every day.
    Togetherness, not division as the liberals would wish for us to adopt, together we pray and help each other, and where one goes, we all go.
    Thank you, GOD bless you, there are many of GOD’s people in these mountains of Virginia…..

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