June 13, 2021


Forecasted Hot Temperatures and Dry Thunderstorms – a Combination for High Fire Danger

The forecasted heat wave coupled with an unstable atmosphere and extremely dry fuels have the potential to produce large wildland fire incidents across Arizona. The incoming critical fire weather, which also includes dry thunderstorms, also means rapid fuel ignition and fire spread with very erratic and extreme fire behavior. As of Friday, all state land

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The secret to getting more followers on Twitter

Do you want to know the secret to getting more followers on Twitter? First, you need to know how many followers you have and what your ratio is, do a little math, figure out what kind of content works best for you, and then put in the time every day to post that type of


Opinion – The Washington Post: Treat America Like a Conquered Nation

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in opinion pieces on the PrescotteNews website are solely those of the authors. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff of Prescott eNews or its publisher.] German governments have used two strategies to crush dissent in the last century. The Third Reich used Gleichschaltung, or “coordination,” with the state pushing public


Why Nearly Every Story Has The Same Sappy Ending

This is obviously a rhetorical question, but have you noticed that pretty much every movie you’ve ever seen has the same cliché ending where the good guy saves the day and wins? Doesn’t it irritate you after a while? Do you ever find yourself saying, “Hmph, wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace to


Opinion – Highway to Nowhere: House Infrastructure Bill Is a Wasteful, Partisan Mess

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure just approved a half-a-trillion dollar infrastructure bill which represents the opening salvo by Democrats to jam through a partisan public works bill. This deeply flawed legislation is more of the big government spending and regulation that has become a staple of the Biden administration. Instead of more federal money and

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