Opinion: Looking Down on the Masses

There has always been those who think they are better than “the masses” of people. Throughout history, they have gone by many names: royalty, aristocrats, and more recently elitists. Members of these exclusive groups are the antithesis of what our Constitutional Republic was meant to be. They consider themselves to be our superiors, so, of course, that makes most of us their inferiors. Until 1776, this was the way all governments operated and viewed governing.

While reading a history of the exploration of the American West, I came across a quote that illustrates the position these snobs feel toward the rest of us poor souls. “I wish it could be intimated in my life and engraved on my tombstone that I am to the last fiber aristocratic in belief, that I think that the only fine thing to do with the masses is to govern and educate them into some semblance of their social superiors.”

The quote is from Clarence King, one of the “Great Surveyors” of the Western States, a century and a half ago. While his accomplishments in his chosen field should not be diminished, his attitude toward his fellow humans is repugnant. Not surprisingly, he was an Ivy League University graduate, (Yale). Our elite universities produce more condescending moralists than Hormel produces cans of Spam. Our Founders wanted our leaders to be servants of the people. Many, if not most of our current political leaders of both parties, don’t want to serve the people, they want to rule them.

This attitude has enslaved, tortured, and killed more human beings than can be imagined. It is the basis of social engineering, communism, socialism, genetics, Critical Race Theory, (CRT) and the recent move to replace the word and meaning of equality with equity. They know better than most of the rest of us that globalization would bring us world peace and prosperity. If we have to give up individual rights, they consider it a small price to pay for “the greater good.”

In order to accomplish their goals, they have to denigrate, ridicule, and dismissively laugh at those with whom they disagree. They won’t debate because they would lose in the court of public opinion. But if you point out all of the flaws in the Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project, you will be deemed a racist. If you relate all of the flip flops, u-turns and wrong predictions that never happened, that the radical leftist environmentalist have made, including predictions of “nuclear winter”, “global warming” and the end of the world, you will be called a science denier. If you support the Second Amendment, you will be called a “gun nut”. The list is nearly endless.

Another reason the elitists will not engage in debate is because they truly believe they know better than other people and debating with inferiors would only give them some credibility. Nothing illustrates this better than the elitists’ imposed restrictions during their COVID lock downs. In many jurisdictions, cannabis businesses and liquor stores were considered “essential”. Elitist know that intoxicants make the masses easier to control. Churches and guns stores were not considered essential and had to close down. The leftists consider most churches to be cults and gun stores to be purveyors of death. Any place where people could gather and exchange ideas, say restaurants and gyms, were deemed “non-essential” because people might rebel against idiotic governmental orders like healthy people wearing masks and social distancing.

Those of us in the masses, in “fly over” country and who have more than half a brain, need to rebel when confronted with the elitist’s palpable condescension. We should demand they debate and answer the fact based questions we ask. Eventually, the masses will see these elitists for the hypocrites they really are.

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