Hypnotically Speaking

Your ability to control your habits or addictions are directly dependent on your ability to influence your behaviors. Whether you are stopping smoking, vaping, chewing, drinking, drugs, or losing weight, even breaking habits of emotion that no longer serve you, it’s important for you to influence yourself in a positive way. We influence our behaviors internally or physiologically. We’ll be looking at how we influence ourselves internally in this article.

We know the unconscious mind runs the show! So first let’s look again at the conscious and the unconscious mind. Remember the conscious mind always has choice. The unconscious mind takes direction from the conscious mind. It is programmed with thoughts and feelings. It loves repetition and is always alert whether we are sleeping, in a coma, or under an anesthetic because it is in charge of all the physical body systems. There are four key points that we need to remember when we consider our conscious mind and unconscious mind.

Key Point #1: You will be most successful when you consciously make decisions so the unconscious mind can carry them out. The most important thing to be aware of here is to make a decision or choice. Choice is our God given gift from birth and here lies our greatest power.

Key Point #2: Since our unconscious mind cannot process negatives, you must always describe what you do want vs what you don’t want. If I say, Don’t think about a banana. What happens? Most people will get a picture of a banana because the subconscious mind will always drop the word “no” or a derivative of the word no like not or don’t. Maybe you remember a time when you may have said something like, “I’m not going to have that bowl of ice cream.” You then noticed all you could think of was that bowl of ice cream. The subconscious mind dropped the word “not” and only heard, “I’m going to have ice cream.” The language we use, and how we use it, becomes very important here. The subconscious will respond more positively to something like, “I’m choosing to have a bowl of fresh fruit because I want to look good and feel healthy.” These are some Neuro-linguistic programming (or NLP) processes. NLP is a study that involves how the mind relates to thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior. Many hypnotherapists use NLP in their work.

Key Point #3: Your unconscious mind does not know the difference between vivid imagination and reality. This was demonstrated when we were talking about mind movies. Imagine you are in a kitchen with happy memories from your near or distant past. You go to the frig, and in the frig is a big bowl of lemons. You pick up a lemon, take it to the counter, and place it on a cutting board. You notice the bright yellow lemon is smooth and plump. You pick up your kitchen knife and cut the lemon in half noticing all the juices running out. It’s a really juicy lemon. You cut it again and take a bite out of the lemon. Notice the juices of the lemon bursting into your mouth as you experience the tangy sour taste of the lemon. The more vivid your imagination is here you will notice the increase of saliva in your mouth as if you are actually eating a lemon. You didn’t really eat a lemon yet your body chemistry changed as if you did.

Key Point #4:


Until next time keep your mind positive and have a beautiful day.

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