Arizona Today – Interview with Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar Part 1

Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews U.S. Representative Dr. Paul Gosar about the Arizona audit and how the numbers do not add up. They discuss the refusal of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to turn over all the requested materials.

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14 thoughts on “Arizona Today – Interview with Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar Part 1”

  1. Gossar is a national disgrace. He is promoting trumps big lie. Glad he is “taking it in the shorts”. If he is concerned about truth, he must vote to investigate the Insurrection! Gossar must be sued for his lies, and support for karen fans “audit”. Arizona has already hat 2 audits! Gosar shouldresign in shame!

    1. Insurrection is talking point of your ilk. Any weapons confiscated in your so called “insurrection”? Not One. What is the name of the CPD officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt? No one knows. No Charges Filed. Why don’t we even know who shot here? CoverUp much? Your Moral Compass needs calibration by the Good Lord Above. I pity people that filter out everything by their uninfomred/misinformed bias. Pathetic and Sad Really.

    2. Karen, you are a liberal troll spewing total BS. Trump won 18 of 19 election indicator counties and got more votes any sitting President in history. Won hands down. The Democrat party is a fraud, is not democratic at all, rather the Totalitarian Party !

    3. We have to agree to disagree.
      I am more concerned how I will keep my head above the high prices. Maybe you have not noticed. They are going higher. Cafes can’t afford to pay 15 am hour. Either that or it will not be affordable to eat out. Biden is letting the illegals in. We are paying 4 that to

  2. I’m sorry for you that you are believing the Biden-Harris/CCP regime big delusional mainstream media-induced lie. It’s been verified in REAL news that it wasn’t Trump supporters that gave a fake attack on the capitol. Videos in the election fraud has been shown on REAL news from the cameras in the Georgia and Michigan voting polls, bringing out hidden boxes full of ballots to stuff for Biden to overturn Trump’s winning numbers, and many hundreds if not thousands of whistleblowers of dumped trump mailed ballots, etc, etc.

    1. I also saw all that.
      Who do you think will be paying for the illegals. We are already putting them up in hotels to the tune of millions or Billions. Some people must not listen to the news. If they do is the censored CNN abc cbson and on

  3. I appreciate all you are doing Con. Gosar & Dr. Lyle!!
    Who and when is someone going to arrest and remove the entire Biden-Harris administration and all on their side, failing to uphold their oath of office to defend America and our constitutional laws? They are conducting their business completely opposite. And in our constitution, if those in office are on America’s enemy’s side and funding them and following the CCP regime in their leading our nation, then our military is supposed to remove them from power to defend our constitution, from foreign and domestic enemies. We have both.
    Also, those in the states that are ignoring the subpoenas for audits, why aren’t they being arrested for not obeying these subpoenas? They are disobeying the law, anyone else would’ve been immediately arrested. Please answer my questions Dr Lyle. Thank you and Glad bless you and all you’re doing!! Praying daily!!

      1. James P Henley Jr

        It was my ad blocker. I disabled it for the site and the video appeared.

    1. Shirley Slattery

      I agree withyou James…. it looks like the video has been removed. Where is it?

  4. Dr. Lyle, you’re the best. On my way home to Montana I drove by the Prescott turn. I wanted to turned to turn and take you out for pie and coffee. That is if you didn’t smoke a cigar. They SMELL like skunk.

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