Windy Conditions No Match For The Horseshoe Pitchers – Prescott Merchants Tournament

Photo:(L to R) Roger Thyfault, Robert Chubinsky, Trisha Lincoln, John Barney, Tommy Logsdon, Miguel Castro

Despite the strong windy conditions, the participants in the Prescott Merchants Horseshoe Tournament put on a strong competitive performance Saturday, at Watson Lake in Prescott.

The Class A Division was extremely competitive as the final game was played to determine the winner in that class. Trisha Lincoln, of Prescott, was up to the task beating out Robert Chubinsky of Surprise. Chubinsky beat out Modesta Ramirez of Kingman, by the slightest of margins to capture second place.

John Barney from Sun City West swept the Class B Division to take first place, and Tommy Logsdon of Prescott took second.

The Class C Division saw Miguel Castro of Kingman sweep, easily taking first place. Roger Thyfault of Fountain Hills took second.

Tournaments are held throughout the state of Arizona during the year. Next up locally will be the Goldbricks Open in Prescott Valley, and Prescott will host The Tall Pines Tournament on June 5 at 9am, at the Watson Lake Courts.

Anyone interested in being involved in horseshoe pitching is welcome to contact Cal Cordes at 928-583-4258, or go to

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