Randy Miller, State Director, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for Arizona to Speak to Yavapai Conservatives

The Yavapai County chapter of the Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic (ConCR)  will host Mr. Randy Miller, State  Director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association at their upcoming meeting, Saturday, May 22, 2021,  at 11 am at the Bible Baptist Church in Chino Valley. This is a new venue for ConCR which has outgrown its former meeting place at the VFW in Prescott Valley.  The new location will better accommodate ConCR’s growing membership as it continues to look for a more central location in the Quad City area.

Mr. Miller’s talk will focus on the Second Amendment right to bear arms and current efforts at the state and national level to restrict those rights.   In many jurisdictions around the country, opponents of the Second  Amendment have joined liberal legislators and members of the Biden administration with new proposals for increased background checks, waiting periods, so-called Red Flag laws, and limits on the caliber of firearms and the size of magazines that can be owned by the general public.  The Constitutional  Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is committed to the protection of the Second Amendment and opposes any unconstitutional efforts to restrict the right of citizens to lawfully bear arms.

Mr. Miller is a former Senior Deputy Probation Officer for Santa Barbara County, California, with extensive experience with the gang violence unit and  intensive adult parole supervision.  He has also served as an instructor in the county police academy on Arrest and Control and Use of Force law.

As State Director of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for Arizona,  Mr. Miller, has focused on community education and working with State Legislators on issues involving citizen rights, due process, and support and funding for the law enforcement community.

ConCR meets monthly. Members should note the change in venue for May’s meeting to the Bible Baptist Church in Chino Valley.  Doors open at 11 am with the meeting called to order at 11:15 am.  Recent speakers include Arizona Senate President Karen Fann,  State GOP Chair, Dr. Kelli Ward, Congressmen Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, and other prominent conservative figures and candidates for state and county Office.

ConCR is a membership organization.  However, the appearances of guest speakers of high public interest are open to the public.  Admission is free but seating is limited. An RSVP is requested.  ConCR President, Jim Dutton advises that “all good conservatives looking for an organization that shares their values are invited to attend.”

The Bible Baptist Church is located at 3490 N. State Road 89, in Chino Valley.  RSVPs should be addressed to concr2018@gmail.com.


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