Arizona Today – Interview with Tom Horne

Lyle Rapacki interviews Tom Horne about his views on education, and his announcement that he is running for Arizona’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2022.


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  1. I SO agree with you Mr Horne and so very glad that you are returning to help the School System out. I agree that there is too much that is not helpful that is part of what is in the system and is not teaching children the proper things at all. We must have the Core curriculum out of the schools, not only in AZ, but all over the nation. Returning to what we were founded on is so vital and get history, heritage and many other things for our kids! Indoctrination to socialism is absolutely un-American & outrageous…and politics affecting the children is ridiculous!!
    Not only are the children being affected, but the teachers too and staff that are employed at the schools as well. My daughter has suffered harassment because she has a disability that is unseen, yet she is a very good employee! That too needs to be addressed, the morale of the staff and how they are treated…an atmosphere of education, learning, safety and respect all around brings a good place to work and learning from kids all the way up to the Principal! Truth & decency brings peace and healthy surroundings. I will ve voting for you Sir!!!
    Best regards,

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