How Sports Betting is Changing Sports Culture

No question betting on sports has been a widespread activity regardless of its legal status since, well, forever. People have always placed wagers on sports events with bookies, so much so that the American Gaming Association estimates that in the US, over $150 billion are bet illegally every year.

In 2018, the US Supreme Court lifted a federal ban and let states independently regulate this activity. Eleven states immediately reacted, including gambling hot-spots, Nevada and New Jersey. Seven more followed suit and made it legal.

According to AGA estimates, if this trend continues, the industry as a whole could bring in as much as 41$ billion annually. In comparison, online casinos already bring in $60 billion every year worldwide, and that number is expected to rise close to $90 billion in the next four years. This tells us that online casinos dominate the landscape.

This is in large part because playing online casino games is so easy. You just find a good one, sign-up and play. The selection of games they provide is mind-boggling. Not only that, but the games are created by some of the world’s most reputable game providers. All players need to make sure is that the site is licensed and regulated. Casimba Casino online is one of the world’s most reputable online casino as it has thousands of registered players.

And since you can do all this from your phone, to stay competitive, apps are being developed to provide sports betting customers the chance to wager, where the activity is legal. But what are other ways betting is changing sports culture?


We consume sports by… watching them. So, if you’ve been paying attention to the jerseys, more and more teams are being sponsored by companies from this sector. This is especially true in the UK, where more than 60% of the football teams in every division have a betting company backing them.

This is due to marketing restrictions when it comes to gambling, so putting the company name and web site on a jersey is a great way for these companies to advertise their business to those in the stadium and those in front of the TV.

Betting Broadcasts

Some NBA teams are turning to television as a way to exploit technology and cater to bettors. They provide online streaming broadcasts of their team’s games that feature the same things you see in your normal telecast, complete with commercial breaks. The key difference being – the on-screen graphics.

They show you the live odds, relevant statistics, point spreads and so on, and it’s all packaged in a nice high-quality presentation, one that feels at home on your screen. However, its function is that of a sportsbook that’s there to encourage you to bet.

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