Opinion: The Brainwashed Herd

While conversing and corresponding with friends who are Democrats or lean more to the left, I’ve come to the conclusion that they have been brainwashed and will not accept opposing points of view. They will not even listen or watch conservative news channels on the radio or TV. When you mention Fox News or News Max or any of the conservative websites, they will come back and tell you that those are propaganda channels or faux news or send out nothing but fake news.

If you inquire if they have come to this conclusion by actually watching these broadcasts, you will never get a straight answer. Those who are left of center or woke, will say words to the effect that they have read quotes or seen blurbs of the conservative commentators, but they won’t cop out to having watched a whole show for a day or a week. One would have to come to the determination that they are forming their opinions about the more conservative media by what they hear on CNN, MSNBC, NPR and network news. If a person isn’t even willing to listen to opposing viewpoints, because someone else told them those views are not true or racist, sexist or any other “ist”, that person has been brainwashed.

The only other conclusion, an unbiased individual could come to, is that such leftists are either too slanted in their own views, afraid of questioning their own beliefs, or just plain stupid. I recently came across a definition of stupid that seems to hit the mark. “Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing evidence of the truth, but still believing the lie.” I would add that if you are unwilling to look or listen to contrary views or to debate the current issues that separate us, (the left never is willing to debate), then you can’t be too certain that your ideas are the correct ones.

There are many great things about the First Amendment to the Constitution. It enables us to hear all sides of any particular issue. This should give us the information we need to make educated decisions. One of the less appreciated assets of free speech is that it gives us the ability to see how absolutely ridiculous, insane and stupid some ideas are. That is why the left won’t debate issues. That is why they attempt, often successfully, to deny conservatives forums on college campuses or on their news or opinion programs. That is why they attempt to suppress the free speech of others.

The mainstream media and the “progressives” they support, sanctimoniously and condescendingly make up names for those with whom they disagree. They refer to those who won’t buy into the Green New Deal, “climate deniers”. They refuse to debate the issue, though, because history and the facts would make them look the ideological idiots they are. Even a mediocre conservative debater would bury them with their past prediction failures.

Fifty years ago, these wacky environmentalists predicted the world would end due to “nuclear winter”. Then global warming would do us in. Oh, wait, the world is getting very slightly cooler so “climate change” will end it all. While running for Congress, Alexandra Estupido Cortez, (AEC), said the world would end in 12 years if nothing was done about carbon in the atmosphere. Al Gore made similar prognostications years before that. In the first two thirds of the last century, people who made such asinine prognostications of doom were the objects of scorn and satirical cartoons.

Commentators from the left often deride their opponents, who they claim do not “follow the science”. They won’t debate that issue, either, because if they did, a competent debater could point out that biology is a science and that science shows that there are only two genders, male and female, not 72 sexes or whatever number the progressives are claiming there are now. You can take any issue on the left’s agenda, whether it is Critical Race Theory, transgender sports participation, defund the police or any other woke topic, they will not debate it, because they have neither reason nor common sense on their side. It is a whole lot easier to denigrate and call opponents names than to engage in logical debate that would expose the lunacy of their views.


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  1. Good to see Buz Williams again. Too bad The Daily Courier dropped Buz. That’s too bad for the Courier; not too bad for Buz. 30 years ago I wrote in the Orange County Register (CA) that any student that researched a social or business problem and had to provide 3-5 sources would determine the solution would be a conservative one. But common sense is no longer common or allowed in our schools.

  2. George Hotchkiss

    Not a liberal, but a registered independent. What would you like to debate?

    1. You name it, I’ll debate it with you. Climate change, biological males competing as females, voter ID requirements, etc.

  3. It is not surprising that there are so many brainwashed useful idiots for the left since the well-funded mainstream media is decidedly biased and can use their considerable resources to bombard the masses with their one-sided propaganda.

    Keep up the good work, Buz!

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