Best Horticulture Company to Work for in the Country is at Watters

Those who work at Watters Garden Center know it’s more than just a job. It’s a family, a community, and a mission to make Prescott, Arizona, area a better place to live.

Watters Garden Center has cultivated its brand around fun, positivity, community, and giving back. The husband-and-wife team of Ken Lain and Lisa Watters-Lain has spent years reaching far beyond the world of gardening to touch the lives of employees, customers, and their community at large. Lisa, general manager, and owner, has been in the family business since she was old enough to hold a hose, while Ken, whom she met in college, has spent decades growing in the highlands of Arizona. Together, their goal is to beautify Yavapai County and bring joy, hope, and positivity to their community. And it all starts with living their core mission.

“So many companies have a mission statement they put together 10 years ago, but nobody knows what the mission is,” Lisa says. “The employees don’t know; the community doesn’t know. At Watters, we make it a point to live out the mission statement. So, the things that we support — our staff, our community — we’ve got to live out our mission statement each day.”

Over 15,000 garden centers are in the United States. An independent research firm, Best Companies Group, was hired to interview garden center owners, managers, vendors, and their employees in search of great places to work. After in-depth research, Watters Garden Center in Prescott, Arizona, is the 2021 best garden center to work winner.

We believe community keeps us closer, brings us together. It didn’t take a pandemic to pull the Watters team together. When a coworker dealt with a heart issue, staff pulled together to take groceries to his house and check in during recovery. “This is what Watters Garden Center is,” Ken says. “We’re not a church. We’re not a nonprofit. We’re not a business. We’re an organization that looks after each other and wants the best for all. I think that’s how you define us, but it’s way beyond business. It’s something deeper as a community.”


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