April 24, 2021


Opinion: How One Biden Tax Proposal Will Hit the Middle Class Hard

President Joe Biden’s forthcoming “Made in America Tax Plan” is designed to pay for his $2 trillion “infrastructure” plan. Details are forthcoming as part of the president’s Fiscal Year 2020 Budget. Last year, candidate Biden promised to repeal the “Trump Tax Cuts” that lowered tax rates for everyone and especially corporations. Biden also promised not to


US to resume J&J COVID vaccinations despite rare clot risk

U.S. health officials lifted an 11-day pause on COVID-19 vaccinations using Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose shot on Friday, after scientific advisers decided its benefits outweigh a rare risk of blood clot. The government uncovered 15 vaccine recipients who developed a highly unusual kind of blood clot out of nearly 8 million people given the J&J


Caitlyn Jenner adds celebrity to run for California governor

Caitlyn Jenner begins her campaign for California governor with a prized commodity for a candidate — celebrity. But while her name is widely recognized, what she would do in the job remains a mystery. Nearly two decades ago, Hollywood fame helped elevate another Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the governor’s chair. But he had already made

Climate Change

Summit shows Biden’s big vision on fighting climate change

What did the world learn at Joe Biden’s global summit about his vision of the battle to save the world’s climate? For two days, Biden and his team of climate experts pressed his case that tackling global warming not only can avert an existential threat, but also benefit the U.S. economy — and the world’s

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