Opinion: Don’t Apologize

Never be one who refuses to admit when you commit a wrong. When one finds that he or she has done something that has insulted or wronged another person, the proper thing to do is to apologize. A sincere apology, heals wounds and mends friendships. Everyone makes mistakes and the least damage is done when someone acknowledges the error and asks for forgiveness. Some people are too embarrassed or prideful to do this and it will ultimately work to their detriment.

A much worse scenario is to apologize when you have done nothing wrong. In today’s so-called “woke society”, that seems to be a requirement. (I don’t know what “woke” means, but the only logical conclusion a thinking person can come to, is that it means being anally offended by almost everything.)

A word of advice to those who are attacked by woke warriors: if you did nothing to hurt, injure, or insult anyone or any group, DON’T APOLOGIZE. If you do, it encourages these wokesters to attack others. Second, if you apologize when you have done nothing wrong, it gives these hypersensitive ignoramuses ammunition to use against you in the future, because an apology is tantamount to an admission of guilt.

If you are a straight, white, male over the age of 60, there is almost nothing you can say or write that will not offend those who consider themselves “woke”. Your existence offends them. You did nothing wrong, so don’t apologize for being. The fact that you are a Caucasian is NOT a privilege, it is just an accident of parentage. As Denis Prager has stated, “There is no such thing as white privilege, there is only two parent privilege.”

If you’re a man who likes women, sports, competition and trying to do a good job at any endeavor you attempt, you are not a “toxic male” and don’t apologize for what God and your parents made you.

If you treat others the way you would want to be treated, regardless of race or gender, you are not a racist or sexist, regardless of what woke people say, and there is no reason for you to say you are sorry for doing the right thing.

If you are of the opinion that the term “systemic racism” is a pseudo academic phrase to excuse those in minority groups who commit crimes or lack the will or persistence to succeed, and you have the statistics to back up your view, you have the right to your opinion, and to express it. There is no need for contrition on your part.

This woke cult will attack you for things you have no control over: your race, your gender, your age. They do this to shut you up; to scare you into silence. Do not let them do this. In fact, the best response is to counter attack. We need to ardently make the point that all woke criticism of our country, our history and those with opposing views, is the shrill, incoherent babble of an incompetent group of whiny crybabies.