Hypnotically Speaking

Hopefully you are having fun using self-hypnosis to influence your life in a positive way. A lot of people don’t think about how their mind works until they are prompted to do so. The mind is complex, and to get started, I focus on four key points to understanding how our mind works.

First of all, most of our behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs are learned from modeling others who are important to us. How did you know how to communicate with other people? How did you know what to think about money or success. Take a moment to think about some of the most important people in your life, and the environment you grew up in, and how that shaped the way you think, respond, and believe the way you do now. Do you notice some similarities?

Number two, your mind operates like a movie theater. When we think, we automatically makes pictures and movies in our mind. If you think about a banana, what do you see? You might take it a step further and think about the taste and smell of the banana. Perhaps you are enjoying that banana while talking with your best friend being aware of a particular conversation you had or would like to have. Notice how when we engage all of our senses the movie becomes even more powerful and more real to us. It’s important to remember the subconscious mind sees by ways of pictures and symbols and can then implement that picture and allow it to be.

Number three, your unconscious mind runs the show. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and had to relearn how to brush your teeth, take a shower, tie your shoes, make breakfast, etc. You would never get your day started. Once you consciously learn something through enough repetition, your unconscious will automatically repeat it without having to think about it. This is how you become, what I call, unconsciously competent. Some unconscious patterns and behaviors can be very beneficial to us and some can get in our way. The important thing to remember is any pattern or behavior can be changed once we know how to communicate effectively with our unconscious mind. Hypnosis is an excellent way to change patterns and behavior to our good and our goals.

Number four, and my personal favorite, is imagination trumps logic every time. Have you ever been to an adventure movie? Do you remember sitting there with 100 other people feeling physically thrilled or tense? You were imagining so vividly what was happening your body responded even though you were just sitting there in the theater. We believe what we see. Many famous people and inventors live in the world of imagination, and actually put themselves into a hypnotic state to do their work. Albert Einstein was one of these people. He lived in the world of imagination. He said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He actually discovered the theory of relativity in a hypnotic state. James Allen said, “The mind is the master power that molds and makes.”

The more we understand about how our mind works the better we can intentionally create new, more beneficial realities for ourselves. Take some time to sit quietly, like we did as children, and imagine the world you want to live in and begin the creative process. Create your own personal movie.

More about the power of the movies we create next time. Be sure and have a beautiful day today!

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