Tiffany Shedd Announces Campaign for Arizona Attorney General

Today, conservative Republican Tiffany Shedd announced her campaign for Arizona Attorney General. Living on a drug and human trafficking route in Pinal County, Tiffany has seen the crisis the Biden Administration’s policies have caused and will use every means available to enforce Arizona’s laws at the border even if the federal government won’t enforce theirs.

“I’m running for Attorney General because I’ve never seen anything as dangerous as what Arizona is facing right now,” said Tiffany Shedd. “We need a conservative Attorney General who will hold the line and protect the people of Arizona against Washington’s dangerous socialist policies.”

“I’m not going to sit back and watch these new socialist bullies harm our communities and our state without a fight. As the people’s lawyer I will use the law and the Constitution to put Arizona first and protect our people and our way of life.”

“The socialists may control Washington, DC, but, with your support, we can stop them from destroying Arizona.”

Tiffany Shedd grew up in Pinal County, and worked her way through college and law school at the University of Arizona. A natural resource attorney and small business owner, Tiffany has also worked as a bilingual kindergarten teacher and farmer. She is a proud Republican Party Precinct Committeeman, homeschool mom, small business owner, and SCTP and 4-H certified pistol and shotgun coach. Tiffany is honored to have been endorsed by President Donald J. Trump during her campaign for Congress in 2020.  Tiffany resides in Eloy, AZ with her husband Rodney and their three children who are members of the Muscogee Creek Nation.

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