City Notified that the Deal for Cell Tower in Yavapai Hills Been Dropped

The City of Prescott has been notified that lease negotiations between a local property owner and the representative of a telecommunications company, have ceased.

In a message to the telecommunications representative, the property owner’s attorney stated that the property owner has “no interest” in pursuing the lease agreement that would place a cell tower in the Yavapai Hills neighborhood.

At a study session on Tuesday, April 13 at 1 p.m. Prescott City Council will review proposed changes to the City’s Land Development Code that would discourage building of cell towers in residential areas, while incentivizing construction in commercial and industrial districts.  The proposed changes include other provisions designed to minimize impact on residential areas, and reduce number of new towers by stating intent for co-location (sharing) of towers wherever possible.

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3 thoughts on “City Notified that the Deal for Cell Tower in Yavapai Hills Been Dropped”

  1. does the City own property where cell sites could be installed on? City could earn revenue from the cell company.

  2. That is a real shame. The cell coverage in Yavapai Hills is terrible. I hope the city steps up to help.

  3. So could of the person that owned the land…when they pay taxes for any income. I think it was a good move on the land owner’s part to stick it to the greedy cell phone providers. I used to live in Yav. Hills and it would be better for your health to just get a cell signal booster. Rather than let them emit dangerous 5g Network signals near your home.

    Another thought is the tower may not even be able to boost cell signal in your homes in Yav. Hills. They would most likely have to adjust the equipment to broadcast the waves far from anyone’s residence. ( just a thought)

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