April 12, 2021


Mayor Kell Palguta to Speak at the Citizens Tax Committee Meeting

The Citizens Tax Committee (CTC)  is honored to announce that Prescott Valley Mayor Kell Palguta will speak at their next meeting, this Wednesday, April 14th,  1 pm, at the Rowle P. Simmons Adult Center, 1280 E Rosser Road, in Prescott. The Citizens Tax Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Their meetings are free and


Yavapai College honors top students across district

Photo: Prescott Evening of Recognition honorees in attendance Yavapai College faculty and leadership honored the top students across academic and technical education disciplines during traditional “Evening of Recognition” ceremonies at both the Verde Valley and Prescott campuses. The limited-attendance events featured congratulatory remarks from YC President Dr. Lisa Rhine and Academic Affairs Vice President Dr.


Opinion: Fearsome Foursome: U.S., Japan, Australia, India Versus China

The United States is forming what looks like the kind of alliance against China that American policy-makers have dreamed of ever since the victory of the Communist forces of Mao Zedong over the U.S.-backed Nationalist Chinese of Chiang Kai-shek more than 70 years ago. Always looking for ways to form a united coalition against the


Cities Where Retirees are Moving – An AdvisorSmith Study

When many Americans reach retirement age, they often consider retiring from work and moving to a new city. Although many Americans move to new cities for a variety of reasons, retirees, in particular, may choose to downsize or seek sunshine or other amenities when they no longer need to be close to an employer or


Opinion – Gagarin’s Legacy: 60 Years Later

History does not record the exact moment of the Earth’s creation or when humanity took hold of the planet. But we do know when we made our first journey beyond it – April 12, 1961. Sixty years ago, a 27-year-old air force pilot strapped into a rocket and changed the world and humanity forever. That