Opinion – PINO: President In Name Only

Is Joe Biden really our president? That is really a good question, but you won’t hear it on any of the cable or network TV or radio channels. It won’t be asked in any of the major newspapers. What constitutes the office of the President?

The President of the United States is the chief executive of this country. He is elected by members of the Electoral College. Each state, traditionally, counts the ballots for each candidate and the candidate that has the most votes, then has the electors committed to vote for him or her when the electoral votes are tallied. The issue isn’t if Biden won the most electoral votes, it is if the votes cast for him in each state were legitimate and counted correctly?

Anyone who saw the many, large, enthusiastic Trump rallies and the few, lackluster and thinly attended Biden gatherings can hardly be blamed if they come to the obvious conclusion that the only way Biden won was by a massive change in voting procedures in many states – attributed to Covid-19 – and voter harvesting and voter fraud.

Since he has taken office, PINO Biden has issued 38 Executive Orders. While they are not laws, per se, most of them have the effect of laws, because they command officials in the executive branch to take some action or stop some action they have been doing. Laws are voted on by the peoples’ Representatives and Senators and then signed into law by the executive, the President. A look at Biden’s executive orders shows that most of them would not be voted into law because the public is so against them. Anyone can read Biden’s executive orders at this website:


And how were all of these executive orders produced within the first three months of PINO Biden taking office and studying closely the issues they address? Could it possibly be that they were already written by his left wing handlers prior to him taking office? Biden wouldn’t have to plagiarize, like he has in the past, if he has a cadre of radical ghostwriters at his disposal.

A real President will have a working knowledge of the international and domestic issues. As a politician, the president may tap dance around a difficult question, answer the question he would rather have been asked, or even lie, but he won’t sound confused or addled. Most past presidents may not have liked hardball questions, but they would at least respond to them. The Biden Administration, in a clear conspiracy with a fawning media, has not been asked one hardball question, even though there is plenty of ammunition to draw from.

Biden is confused and most inarticulate when he is distracted from his teleprompter or the written notes given to him by his handlers. With most past Presidents, they process information from a variety of advisors, and then formulate a policy or agenda. This President In Name Only, is given the policy from his united radical manipulators and attempts to express them to the public, but he is becoming increasingly unable to do that. It is only a matter of time before those who control Joe Biden either get him to resign or implement the 25th Amendment so they can promote Vice President Harris to the Presidency. Wait and see.

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1 thought on “Opinion – PINO: President In Name Only”

  1. Shirley Slattery

    Is there a lesser of two evils between Biden and Harris? Is Harris already one of the handlers or ‘puppet masters’? It might be better to just get Biden out of office because he’s such an embarrassment. However, Harris is definitely NOT Presidential in any stretch of the word. And then, who will be the VP? The rest of the world is laughing at us. Can we survive til 2022 When/If we are able to take the majority in the House and Senate? What happened to Truth, Justice and the American way? Oh wait, has Superman, Batman, and Iron Man all been cancelled? (Sorry, I needed to vent). Thank you Buz for your column and wise observations. God Help Us.

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