City of Prescott Launches “Prescott CARES” Program

City awarded $427,000 Grant to Help Prescott Residents and Businesses Impacted by the Pandemic

Funds will Help Prescott Residents with Rent, Mortgage and Utility Payments and Support Struggling Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought economic uncertainty to many individuals, families and businesses, both locally and around the world. Beginning April 15, 2021, Prescott residents and businesses can apply for emergency funds through the new Prescott CARES program. The program was created to help individuals and families maintain stable housing and keep businesses viable within the community.

Prescott CARES funding was made possible by an emergency grant from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. The funding will be distributed via contract with the Prescott Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The contract was applied for competitively and secured by Sheri Heiney, CEO of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

“This critical funding will help people and businesses who are struggling financially due to the pandemic,” said Heiney. “We want to be sure people can afford housing and we want to support the recovery of businesses that are the lifeblood of our community.”

Heiney emphasized that this emergency funding is available on a first come, first served basis. “We encourage individuals and businesses to apply as quickly as possible,” said Heiney.

Eligible Individuals

The Prescott CARES program can provide up to $3,000 in rent, mortgage and utility payments to eligible residents. To qualify, individuals must:

  • 1) have been residents of Prescott, AZ since 3/1/2020
  • 2) have lost income directly as a result of the pandemic (proof of loss required)
  • 3) have not received a federal housing subsidy in the past 12 months; and
  • 4) qualify based on their income. The maximum income to receive this funding is: $36,200 for a family of one and that rate increases with the size of the family.

Eligible Businesses

The Prescott Cares program can provide up to $5,000 to a business that has been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the requirements to be eligible for a business are:

  • 1) be physically located in the City of Prescott in a brick and mortar business with customers primarily based in Prescott; and
  • 2) have been in operation for at least six months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (Sept 16, 2019)
  • 3) provide evidence of potential job loss as a result of COVID-19
  • 4) provide evidence of being able to retain jobs for at least 6 months after grant.

“We look forward to helping those residents and business owners who are in need. There is an application form available at, and we can also help with any questions by calling 928.445.2000,” stated Michelle Chavez, CDBG and Community Development Coordinator with the City of Prescott.

“We’ve also set-up a grant workshop via ZOOM, or people can come in person to the City of Prescott Council Chambers on Thursday, April 15 at 4:00pm or Friday, April 16 at 9:00am. This should help residents and business owners apply for the grant and they can ask any questions,” Chavez continued.

The Zoom meeting links are:

Thursday, April 15 @ 4 PM:…

Friday, April 16 @ 9 AM:…

To apply for Prescott CARES funding, visit and click on the Prescott Cares tab. For more information, call (928) 445-2000.


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  1. How about a grant for a bus system since the higher income people don’t feel like it’s their problem and don’t want to pay taxes on one, or encourage a discount grocery to come here. The pandemic isn’t why Prescott isn’t livable for lower income.

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