Two in the Nest!

The Prescott National Forest implemented an area closure in December to reduce disturbances to the nesting Bald eagles which has paid off with success! Two young eaglets can be seen in the nest getting food from one of the parents.

Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Prescott National Forest would like to remind visitors to Lynx Lake to respect the nesting eagles and minimize disturbances while recreating.

Tips for recreating near bald eagle nesting areas:

  • Enjoy from a Distance – Bald eagles should always be viewed from outside the seasonal closure area. The Lynx Lake nest can be seen to the east when standing at the top of the boat launch ramp at the south shore.
  • No Drone Zone – Bald eagles are highly territorial and may react to drones as avian predators.  Do NOT fly drones in when bald eagles are present.
  • The Bald Eagles will let you know – If you are too close, bald eagles will intently focus on you and be distracted from caring for their young, hunting, or feeding.

To learn more about the management of the southwestern bald eagles in Arizona, visit Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee or Arizona Game & Fish.

If you have any questions about the bald eagles and their management on the Bradshaw District, please feel free to email Noel Fletcher at

For information on the Prescott National Forest, check out the Prescott NF website and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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