Representative Judy Burges joins eNews list of contributors

Editor’s Note:

Prescott eNews is honored to announce that State Representative Judy Burges (R-LD1) has agreed to provide eNews readers with regular updates from the Arizona Statehouse on the status of pending legislation. These updates will continue for the remainder of the current legislative session. Representative Burgess is an award-winning conservative legislator. Her areas of special interest include water, agriculture, natural resources, infrastructure, and rural economic development. She is also a strong advocate of school choice and the Second Amendment.

Representative Burges recently announced her plans to seek reelection in 2022.  No potential candidates for the state legislature have officially qualified for the 2022 ballot. Prescott eNews has a formal policy of not endorsing candidates in partisan elections. The information she has agreed to share with eNews readers is published in the public interest and without compensation.

Under the Arizona Constitution, the state legislature sits for 100 days. They are now approaching their traditional May adjournment. The crunch to finalize bills has begun and budget negotiations with the Senate and Governor’s Office are underway.

In her upcoming dispatches, Representative Burges will offer eNews readers a ringside seat to the endgame of the first session of the 55th Arizona State Legislature.

Representative Burges’s first column follows:

Our United States’ election system has survived a 400-year experiment of freedom “of the people and by the people”- until now that is. Dean Michele Bachmann, Regents University, claims that “America has just experienced the greatest crisis in election integrity at all levels of government – federal, state and local.”  Others are calling the 2020 election the biggest fraud of all time as they watched chaos, disorder and crisis occurring in swing state after swing state election night.

How can it be that elected officials (congressmen, judges, governors, legislators and even county supervisors) who swore to uphold our Constitutional laws blindly look the other way?  The real victims are We the American People of all nationalities and party persuasion who trusted their elected officials to ensure our election process produced a free and fair election of candidates who would “Rule by the consent of the governed”.

Finally, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania had enough and joined Arizona in the fight to seek truth as the media, financial institutions and individuals claiming any and all efforts are voter suppression continue to make toxic any attempt to uncover the truth and put this issue to bed once and for all.   As of this date, no audit has been conducted by a state agency driving state legislators to frantically pass election related laws dealing with early vote-by-mail, cleaning up voter rolls, initiatives, hand court procedures, out of state money disclosure and many more.

One hundred forty-two election-related bills were introduced in the Arizona Legislature and assigned to committees.  As of this writing, the governor has signed two bills (HB2024 voter registration database; death records and SB1002 early voting envelopes; party affiliation).  One hundred bills failed and forty are still in the legislative process.  It is with and by the help of patriotic citizens and courageous elected officials who are willing to buck-the-status-quo that audits can and will happen.  Arizona’s audit is in the works and Georgia hired Jovan Pulitzer.  Let God’s truth prevail.

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