April 9, 2021

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks with Rob Leahy

After a short hiatus, due to health issues, Glenn Martin is back with his Prescott Talks videocast. In this edition, Glenn interviews Rob Leahy, of Simply Rugged Holsters. Rob shows and talks about holsters, how they are sewn, and decorated, and how he started the business.


Governor Ducey Announces $250,000 To Support Local Economic Recovery

Governor Doug Ducey announced $250,000 contributing to the launch of the Arizona Economic Recovery Center, led by Local First Arizona, to help local businesses and rural communities apply for and win competitive federal economic recovery grants. “As our economy continues to reach new heights, local businesses and organizations across the state should have easy access


Opinion: Alternative Energy Hailed as a Megatrend, Disrupting World Order

Glance up and around and you’ll know the horizon is changing. From Canada to South Africa, Brazil to China, windmills and solar panels are telling a story of change. In the United States, the landscape is collecting a kind of 21st-century raiment. Wind farms, solar farms, and just stray windmills and solar panels on roofs

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